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The value of this coverage does not count against key employees in the 25% concentration test.
Preferences of highly compensated and key employees should be separately identified when designing the choices to ensure that the plan does not fail the nondiscrimination or concentration tests.
The primary objective of this study was to determine if media that performs well at the high concentration test condition would also perform well under the low concentration condition.
In Concentration Test 2, when the pressure stabilizer is blanked off and deactivated, concentrations inside the cleanroom at both near-door and near-damper locations become lower.
The RPS Adeno Detector(TM) is a rapid direct sampling with filtration and concentration test for visual, qualitative in-vitro detection of adenovirus; the leading cause of viral conjunctivitis.
Chamber air flow rate test using tracer gas (sulfur hexafluoride), empty chamber sink test and background concentration test for small-scale chamber were conducted prior to VOC sink test on building material to examine the possible sink effect of the chamber itself.
A gravity concentration test was completed on 10,821 pounds of sand material extracted from the North Sand Zone and processed through the new circuit.
Clinical precision (CV of the analyte concentration test result) for NTx and creatinine is in the range of 5-9% (NTx assay precision measured at 300 nmol/L; creatinine assay precision measured at 4 mmol/L; n = 20).
OTCBB:IRLD) today reported encouraging new extraction results from a 3,000 pound (lb) bulk gravity concentration test completed on sand material from the North Sand Zone, which is located in the northwest sector of its Columbus Project in Esmeralda County, Nevada.
F) is pleased to announce the results from preliminary gravity concentration test work completed on three samples of gold bearing alluvial material from the Company's wholly owned Mbwemkuru Alluvial Gold Project located in the Lindi region in Southeastern Tanzania.
Gravity concentration test work resulted in poor gold and silver concentrations of between 32% and 39%.
MR3 holds the option to process all precious metals, including gold, platinum and palladium, mined from the central Nevada location subject to MR3 receiving satisfactory independent ore concentration test results from samples taken earlier this year.