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The value of this coverage does not count against key employees in the 25% concentration test.
Preferences of highly compensated and key employees should be separately identified when designing the choices to ensure that the plan does not fail the nondiscrimination or concentration tests.
If a cafeteria plan is found to be discriminatory, the highly compensated individuals (or key employees, if the concentration test fails) will have the value of the otherwise tax-free benefits provided under the plan included in their gross incomes.
The primary objective of this study was to determine if media that performs well at the high concentration test condition would also perform well under the low concentration condition.
In Concentration Test 2, when the pressure stabilizer is blanked off and deactivated, concentrations inside the cleanroom at both near-door and near-damper locations become lower.
Air flow rate test during adsorption period (no-ventilation mode) and desorption period (ventilation mode), empty chamber sink test and background concentration test for full-scale chamber were also conducted.
Concentration tests were performed and the agency found that the credit support available in the transaction was commensurate with the loan concentration risk.
The average values of ash, sulphur and weight recovery of the concentrate obtained from gravity concentration tests are presented in Table 2.