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The awareness of spontaneous breathing, body sensations or mental fluctuations plays an important role in Buddhist mindfulness training, and the distinction between so-called concentrative meditation (samatha) and insight meditation (vipassana), which plays such an important role in Theravada Buddhism, is partly based on the same criterion.
The single study on IBS found significant improvements in general gastrointestinal symptoms [89] but no differences in pain symptoms in patients assigned to concentrative meditation versus wait-list control [90].
In addition, the elevation in contaminant concentrations is perhaps not as high as a purely concentrative model would suggest (Aguilar et al.
A continuous transference of atoms against the gradients has in the long run led to the formation of another derivative unique bioproperty--a concentrative encapsulation, i.
Finally, focusing attention on burning candles is a familiar form of concentrative meditation with an external focus (Braud, personal communication).
analogy or comparison, having the peculiarly aesthetic and concentrative form of poetry.