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Spectrum-separating concentrators offer an additional advantage: the system is easily designed so that any portions of the spectrum that cannot be converted efficiently will miss the photovoltaic cells, thus avoiding unnecessary heating which would otherwise degrade cell performance.
As the old style distribution network disappears, with expensive truck rolls, it is being replaced with a homecare services model for making oxygen concentrators available.
Because IP-optimized DSL concentrators keep packets intact, they can act on packet-header information to make intelligent forwarding and queuing decisions.
Access concentrator technology employs a software solution to set the data rate independently of the wire speed to any fixed rate, a fixed rate with burst capability, or no fixed rate.
In rural areas the DC-1000/SL can be mounted behind a meter at a customer's house, bringing the WAN connection directly to the meter and eliminating the need and expense for dedicated installation crews or an extra housing for the data concentrator.
In addition to our expanding business using our proprietary AquaMax(TM) drives, the pending acquisition of ENTECH, when completed, will give us unmatched solar concentrator applications, enabling us to compete on large-scale systems of one to 100 megawatts or more that can efficiently harness the sun's power for large industrial and municipal electricity supply.
It operates a mine, concentrator and a pelletizing plant in Labrador City, Newfoundland and Labrador, as well as port facilities located in Sept-Iles (Quebec).
Worldwide oxygen concentrator markets at $349 million in 2005 are anticipated to reach $1.
David Jones, CEO of African Copper, commented, "These results are encouraging since it appears that the supergene ore can produce more copper with faster recoveries using a flotation concentrator as compared to heap leach.
Allied Healthcare International operates its respiratory therapy business under the trade names Oxicare and Medigas and serves two primary segments of the oxygen therapy market: (a) oxygen cylinders and (b) oxygen concentrators.
With this project Lucent increases its share of broadband access concentrators in the Telefonica network to reach a total of 400,000 ADSL ports.
According to Bob Boggan, vice president of sales and marketing at StoneFly Networks, Nancy's selection of the Storage Concentrator i3000 underscores the growing need for cost-effective, IP SAN-based backup, recovery and business continuity solutions.