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They are optimistic, however, that when fully optimized the concentrator will reach similar efficiencies to today's best colored luminescent solar concentrators, which operate around 5-7% efficiency.
Spectrum-separating concentrators offer an additional advantage: the system is easily designed so that any portions of the spectrum that cannot be converted efficiently will miss the photovoltaic cells, thus avoiding unnecessary heating which would otherwise degrade cell performance.
Both Storage Concentrators feature an HTML-based GUI to allow administrators to manage storage operations, including controlling distributed Storage Concentrators centrally and securely from anywhere on the Internet.
Though scientists differ in their prognoses for the Sandia device, known as a photovoltaic concentrator module, they agree the new collector marks an important step toward commercializing photovoltaic technology for applications such as generating electrical power.
As the old style distribution network disappears, with expensive truck rolls, it is being replaced with a homecare services model for making oxygen concentrators available.
Combining the ability to act on packet information with queuing and buffering techniques similar to ATM-based systems, and traffic parameters on aggregated ATM circuits, IP-intelligent concentrators deliver the service quality each traffic type requires, for every user.
DC-1000/SL Data Concentrator Dramatically Lowers Installed Costs, Offers Enhanced Features, and Maximizes Installation Flexibility
When implemented at a service provider POP, multimegabit access concentrators allow providers to gain leverage from their existing POP equipment, offer bandwidth options to their customers, and reduce customer provisioning time and costs.
ENTECH's patented concentrator technology also allows for the installation of massive solar "farms" with greatly reduced requirements for solar cell materials (silicon or multi-junction) and, when used in conjunction with WorldWater & Power's technology, greatly reduces the reliance on rebates or other incentives for economic installations.
Access concentrators are highly scalable and can be stacked to provide DSL lines for larger MTUs with more than 32 tenants.
com/reports/c29553) has announced the addition of Oxygen Concentrator Market Opportunities, Strategies, and Forecasts, 2005 To 2011 to their offering
Allied Healthcare International operates its respiratory therapy business under the trade names Oxicare and Medigas and serves two primary segments of the oxygen therapy market: (a) oxygen cylinders and (b) oxygen concentrators.