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Concept maps help provide clarity to students, teachers, and textbook authors about the small number of key ideas that they must focus on for any specific learning task.
FORD MONDEO SHOW CAR: The third vehicle to feature the production execution of Ford's "kinetic" design after the Galaxy and S-Max, the Mondeo takes a number of cues from the losis concept that debuted at the Frankfurt motor show in 2005.
Moreover, the Canadian judiciary, through its "reading into" the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms rights unforeseen by its drafters, has advanced the recreational concept of sex.
Analytical concepts are well known by AFRL personnel and provide the foundation for science, engineering, and economics.
Even the populist use of the concept to tweak authority and modernity survived.
If a nation like Iran or North Korea is said to have nuclear, biological, or chemical (NBC) weapons that could threaten any NATO country, the new strategic concept gives NATO the right to act preemptively.
Finally, a workplace concept such as a shared office may need an organizational change such as flexible scheduling, and technological links that allow employees to telecommute.
In connection with the private placement, Jiada Hu, Concept Venture's new Chief Executive Officer and largest stockholder, entered into an escrow agreement to secure a make good commitment that was made by Concept Ventures.
Boeing has conducted research on the blended-wing design concept since the early 1990s.
The concept of knowledge is particularly interesting as it is central to the reality construction of many diverse groups.
In his book Business @ the Speed of Thought (1999), Bill Gates sees KM as "a general concept -- to gather and organize information, disseminate the information to the people who need it, and constantly refine the information through analysis and collaboration .