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I have shown that most (perhaps all) of these DMs have conceptual content.
In other words, the focus of the current analysis is to investigate the extent to which researchers have adhered to Bandura's agentic perspective in their conceptual and operational definitions of self-efficacy, study design and instrumentation, and interpretation of findings.
This conceptual metaphor is realized in daily speech by the wide variety of expressions we use to define arguments in terms of war.
Against Expression: An Anthology of Conceptual Writing.
Table 3: Results from Example Question #2 Conceptual Question Quantitative Question 1 Correct Incorrect Total Correct 62% 2% 64% Incorrect 23% 13% 36% 85% 15% 100%
Early Conceptual artists used photocopiers to quickly distribute and promote their work, but this ultimately isn't Springfield's interest, either.
Another problem is that it is not always clear just what the idea of a Conceptual work is, or that there is but one idea identified or associated with a work.
Cultural institutions are increasingly important as places to enjoy and hone the human faculties prioritised in the conceptual age and the emergent epoch it opens, and so also our capacities for being.
Conceptual and defined images of re-use & repair both materials and organisations who work within the area
of Athens, Greece) explains in her introduction, "Research on conceptual change investigates how concepts change with learning and development in different subject matter areas with a focus on explaining students' difficulties in learning the more advanced and counterintuitive concepts in these areas.
The 100 math professors, who include some of the most creative mathematical thinkers in the world, would not have expressed support for the new board-approved math standards if they did not include both genuine conceptual understanding and the requisite basic skills.
Since the conceptual structure is expected to expand and change in the coming months, the committee advised interested parties to stay abreast of new developments by registering at the XBRL Web site, www.

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