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Case conceptualization includes diagnosis, but this is only the beginning of the process.
Therefore, the individual's conceptualization of power as either influence or responsibility may represent different levels of psychological construction and, thus, may affect his or her behavior in terms of fairness.
Then, they can structure a cognitive case conceptualization to understand the inmates' psyches in relation to their thoughts.
It specifically attempts to identify a universal case conceptualization applicable to all FAP clients that will allow therapists to more efficiently and effectively implement FAP.
Specifically, case conceptualization ability is generally composed of two distinct, but interrelated, dimensions.
They are intervention skills, assessment techniques, interpersonal assessment, client conceptualization, individual differences, theoretical orientation, treatment goals and plans, and professional ethics.
An initial conceptualization of the client and her circumstances is presented first, followed by additional areas that should be explored to gain a broader picture of the client.
Thus, the primary purpose of this study was to examine school counselors' ethnic tolerance attitudes and racism attitudes as predictors of their multicultural case conceptualization of an immigrant student.
PLM enables design engineers to access and leverage critical product engineering data across the entire enterprise and throughout a product's lifecycle, from conceptualization and development to product servicing in the marketplace.
An ontology is a specification of a conceptualization.
Paulson has overseen the conceptualization, development and introduction of numerous award-winning products from Coda, a global music technology company, since 1992.
Conceptualization marks a change in the process from working with phenomena in their natural contexts to working with data that have been bound by symbols and definitions and often removed from their natural context.