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Burke's (1991) model of the identity confirmation process (1) will be used in the current paper to conceptualize incarcerated fathers' involvement with their children since it describes the processes of identity maintenance and change as well as what occurs when these processes are interrupted.
Mechanism is incoherent because its attempts to conceptualize the order of nature have the characteristic of Kantian antinomies: they constantly pass over into counterpositions.
The company focuses on Microsoft([R]) Visio([R]) as a platform for developing powerful and dynamic visual programs that make it possible to conceptualize and interact with critical data.
School counselor trainees' ability to perceive and conceptualize cultural information in a complex and sophisticated manner would have important implications for their ability to work effectively with culturally diverse students.
In the practice step, the teacher must make every effort to get the students to conceptualize the true meaning of the grammar point.
Does that mean good riddance to his former ambition to conceptualize his work?