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Team Hokage who won third place with a corresponding incentive of P5,000 conceptualized the computer system application called Trashure which created a platform for selling trash.
Masterchef India - India's first live interaction reality show mobile app, with live 'in - break' quiz, live chat & live recipe sections and Saffola 'Heart age test' mobile solution was too conceptualized and implemented by Mobilox.
In this section commitment is first conceptualized and then linked to its moderating influence of interruptions to identity confirmation.
Violence can be conceptualized as a source of psychological and environmental stress that taxes both the individual and the communities in which they live.
Alternatively, should these goals be conceptualized as related or connected in some manner?
This never seems to gain much headway; consequently, relatively unknown or marginalized German artists remain adrift, while most of German art is conceptualized as falling within two options: either play the American game or be more German.
Formed last year by RadioShack, the DISH Network, SIRIUS Satellite Radio, and CC Entertainment, WDMG is one of the first companies to be conceptualized, developed and launched fully leveraging and integrating all possible media to bring music directly to the public in various forms, from physical CDs to digital.
The duo first raised funds for the MS Dinner of Champions and later, conceptualized the Race Against MS at Belmont Park
This study conceptualized students' motivational beliefs and learning strategies in elementary school math class by using a goal mediational model.
Reed conceptualized an aircraft that could be used to fly on Mars using a hydrazine-powered engine to cruise the Martian skies.
In 2004, Allen conceptualized and produced advertising campaigns for SIDEWAYS, which won the prestigious Key Art Award for Best Comedy Trailer and Best Comedy Poster.