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It critically includes, beside the objective properties of the described object, the way in which the conceptualizer chooses to present it.
With respect to this ad hoc-scale, deja/gia mark that by the time the conceptualizer has scanned the scale up to and including the subject entity, a transition between nonapplicable arguments and applicable ones has been completed.
This means in effect that, with respect to forces that make someone fearless, the conceptualizer is evoked as an off-stage reference p oint who merely reports that the profiled state obtains due to the operation of the normal course of events (i.
Different "voices" of potential conceptualizers who are put on stage are identified and coordinated in the intersubjective dimension of the text, while the content dimension never appears disembodied or unmediated.
Ludy Suryantoro, the Author and the Conceptualizer of "A Shawl for All Women" concept and partnerships; Mrs.
Briefly, in this model (Levelt 1989: 9; Myers-Scotton 2002: 24 (2)), a conceptualizer sends a message to a formulator whose function it is to convert a message to a linguistic structure.
Marshall Monroe is a visionary conceptualizer who spent 14 years as a creative executive with the Walt Disney Company.
While processes of formulation and articulation have attracted intensive research efforts, and have led to the clarification of some aspects of the respective "modules," the conceptualizer is, however, "still more or less terra incognita" (von Stutterheim and Nuse, this issue).
Ronn is a rare combination of a conceptualizer and a doer," says Raphael Benaroya, chairman and president-CEO of United Retail Group, which includes the Avenue women's apparel chain.
The conceptual knowledge base (CKB) consists of subsystems organizing language-independent knowledge structures, which are used by the conceptualizer (2) in order to construct a prelinguistic (3) conceptual structure.
Barash has been characterized as a conceptualizer and sales driven marketing strategist.