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Skills in persuasive writing that are supported by the NCECT critical thinking framework include: conceptualizing the problem to be solved (Dewey, 1997); making inferences and drawing conclusions based on information not always readily apparent (Facione, 1998); selecting critical facts and details which are supported by empirical and experiential evidence rather than personal opinion (Facione, 1990); and controlling one's emotions while presenting one's position (NCECT's self-monitoring and self-discipline).
In conceptualizing how fathers adjust (or do not adjust) their identity as a father post divorce, ihinger-Tallman et al.
no indication of racial or ethnic issues in conceptualizing the student's problems) 3 = moderate differentiation, low integration (i.
He is more concerned with the changing problems which being out of work raised for workers than with the problems which delineating and conceptualizing unemployment posed for bureaucrats and social scientists.
The results of this study show that a goal mediational model is useful in conceptualizing students' motivational beliefs and learning strategies.
netCustomer is a thought leader in conceptualizing a global services supply chain paradigm.
Led by a management team of industry veterans, Kenpo's experienced designers specialize in conceptualizing and bringing to life cutting edge outerwear, denim and fleece styles for the everyday consumer.
Provides a framework for conceptualizing the local government opportunity and recommends specific go-to-market approaches for vendors.
a unique, multi-dimensional analytical foundation for conceptualizing, optimizing, and managing I.
AUSTIN, Texas -- T3 (The Think Tank), an integrated marketing services firm with offices in Austin, Texas, and New York, announces the launch of T3 Fuse, a marketing Research and Development team focused on conceptualizing first-of-its-kind technology, ingenious business approaches and unique products and technologies.
Chris Dixon brings an enormous amount of talent and enthusiasm to the growing team at New York Magazine," said Hayman, "he is especially skilled at conceptualizing inventive art ideas and we are excited to have him as a part of the team.
With companies around the world maximizing brand recognition to set themselves apart from their competitors, such as McDonalds'(R) Arches and Nike's(R) Swoosh, this year's "Brand It Your Way" theme challenges contestants to bring the attributes and characteristics of their chosen brand to life by conceptualizing a vehicle that clearly exemplifies the traits of the product.