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According to the American Psychiatric Association, there are two subtypes of this condition, but concerningly the one that most closely resembles overtraining syndrome is known as major depression (Yudofsky and Hales, 1992).
The false documents are said to be concerningly authentic and British MPs are expected to call for action from the education minister Charles Clarke to deal with the matter.
According to the researchers, the reading level is concerningly low and it reflects in the ability to understand and read more complicated
In David's case, for more than 5 years, and from a concerningly young age.
Concerningly, there were too many games last term when Newcastle just didn't compete.
Most concerningly, local knowledge and expertise has often been overlooked in the discussion around developing northern Australia, at the peril of those leading the charge.
The red carpet gave the aura of glamour and sophistication, thought it groaned concerningly underfoot.
He added: "The majority of parents around here are prepared to take action to stop their children doing this but, concerningly, there is a sizeable minority who would ignore the issue.