concert of action

See: coaction
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As the main body continued the direct course, this little band of the elite, in returning from its wild exhibition of savage contempt, took its place in the rear, with a dexterity and a concert of action that showed the manoeuvre had been contemplated.
Lang filed suit against Greenpoint alleging misrepresentation, fraudulent inducement, concert of action, and state and federal statutory violations.
ratification torts, concert of action torts are relatively rare.
The tort theories of ratification and concert of action help to
Ratification and concert of action relieve the tension between the
if they engage in a tortious concert of action with a third party.
ratification and concert of action liability help to define those
Writing for the unanimous three-judge panel, Judge Anthony Scirica found that the plaintiffs' claims must fail because civil conspiracy and concert of action claims require an independent basis of tort liability.
The exception, known as Wharton's Rule, provides that a conspiracy cannot be charged if the commission of the substantive offense requires concert of action between two people.
1991) (Wharton's Rule does not prohibit the charging of conspiracy in addition to a charge of possession with intent to distribute drugs because possession with intent to distribute does not require concert of action between two people in order to commit it).