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Jan Campbell similarly works toward the reinvigoration of theoretical approaches, but seeks more concertedly to bridge, in her case, psychoanalytic and empirical approaches, drawing on Miriam Hansen's assessment of spectatorship in her Babel and Babylon: "Exploring the historical space between the textually inscribed spectator and the empirical viewer, [Hansen] attempts to overcome the divisions between textual and theoretical film approaches and more historical and empirical studies" (Film and Cinema Spectatorship, 162).
com reviewed Defendant's extensive "in California" conduct showing: a large percentage of the trades that were part of the manipulative scheme were effected on the Pacific Coast Stock Exchange, which was located in San Francisco; Merrill Lynch Professional Clearing Corporation's San Francisco office played a significant role in the fraud; and that Goldman Sachs concertedly purchased a type of "conversion trades" that were part of the manipulative scheme which were cleared by Merrill Lynch Professional Clearing Corporation in San Francisco, and were effected on the Pacific Coast Stock Exchange.
In the wake of the global financial tsunami, governments around the world embraced financial expansion policies concertedly.
Islamic notions were concertedly pushed aside, although Muslim leaders made strong pleas for the application of the sharia for the Indonesia umat.
It is necessary for us to meet, It is necessary for us to rob minds together as witches It is necessary for us to concertedly sacrifice to the witches So that all witches in this land Will begin to fly abroad So that they can bring back our money That was looted by sneaky money launderers Money realised from locust beans, money from pepper Money that was collected from extortion Money that was collected illegally (12)
We cannot have a segmented approach because it affects all of us," Nirupama Rao told reporters Rao also said " India and Pakistan must work together concertedly to eliminate this threat".
With this information, first emergency services are able to respond more quickly and concertedly than they could have in the case of a conventional call.
This concertedly anti-solo approach helped the campus heritage effort a great deal, because specialists were encouraged to cross boundaries to hear one another out.
very pattern that her own earlier work had so concertedly upheld.
The real question is whether the administration is prepared to focus concertedly on the diplomatic steps that will make this opportunity come to fruition.
Satake and Konica Minolta Sensing have worked concertedly in supporting customers and the relevant industrial research organisation in order to facilitate the introduction of a laboratory method for Tristimulus flour colour measurement into the UK cereals market.
I have concertedly sought to find an answer as to why the medical laboratory science (MLS) profession is treated as a second-class in the U.