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Perhaps the specificity of Woolf's theorization of materiality might have been better illuminated by attending more concertedly to the material forms of language, or, put differently, to Woolf's stylization of theorization.
Despite her stated intention (17) "to expose both how outsiders have seen t he Jewish Atlantic World and how it was constructed from the inside," he study is ultimately so inwardly focused that it lacks reference points to the external qualities ofjewish life--the boundary-crossing interactions with local culture that subtly pushed Jewish life into unique directions in different localities, and concertedly lessened the influence of Amsterdam over Jewish life in the Anglo-Atlantic colonies.
In addition, Bulgaria's new PM stressed that the efforts of his cabinet will be also concertedly directed at the restoration of proper statehood and rule of law in Bulgaria, which according to him were negatively affected by the governance of Bulgaria's last cabinet (2009-13), chaired by center-right GERB party leader Boyko Borisov.
whose pictures and presentations effectively but concertedly remained within the realm of the tableau, the image, the visual representation, Akasegawa would chart a move into a realm both more material and less tangible: a realm of circulation, of vertiginous semiotic slippages, of naturalized forms of appearance, and of hidden connections.
The third chapter examines how Marie Darrieussecq manipulates intra-and extradiegetic narrative voice in order to represent the workings of the mind, whilst concertedly avoiding conventional literary analysis of the mind.
More recently, however, the Afghan government and the international community have worked more concertedly to craft realistic economic development plans.
Charlie Crist, following the election, have publicly acknowledged that Republican Party strategists concertedly limited early voting in Florida to reduce the Democratic turnout.
The minister praised all levels of government that were "working concertedly to put in place the framework -- the policies and the institutions -- for an economy that relies increasingly on innovation for sustained growth, enhancing competitiveness".
She lauded all levels of government that she noted were, "Working concertedly to put in place the framework-the policies and the institutions for an economy that relies increasingly on innovation for sustained growth, enhancing competitiveness.
These advantages may add up to improved clock function to concertedly promote sound sleep after having experienced a brighter day.
A SESIG Strategic Statement for 2010 - 2012 noted that, firstly, as long as SASOP remains an affiliated organisation to SAMA, and as long as SAMA--through its 'borrowed' Democratic Nursing Organization of South Africa (DENOSA) seat in the public sector bargaining chamber--remains the only representative body for state-employed medical practitioners on public sector remuneration matters, state-employed psychiatrists will have to continue to involve themselves as SESIG and SASOP members with SAMA and its structures much more concertedly, to ensure that state psychiatry and mental health issues in general are addressed.
They suggest that the poem's waywardness is not simply a reflection of the chaotic conditions under which it was written but the embodiment of a concertedly anti-hierarchical worldview.