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The consideration for the acquisition of the Secondary Concessions is 10,000 Euros per concession, plus a 6% net profits interest on each concession.
A parent who has asked for a concession said she was angry when she was required to provide a salary certificate.
Constitution of the Republic of Croatia and the Law on Concession do not define legal institute of concession.
Its nemesis Crystallex, in Toronto, now holds the concession and promises to begin mining early next year, predicting US$1.
The CBRE Concession Values Index is one of two new features in the MarketView reports.
Their company, Concessions International (CI), bills itself as the third largest food and beverage airport concessions company in the U.
Meanwhile, in the executive branch, a regular revolving door spins top park service officials back into private business as park concession executives.
In a soft rental market environment where many apartment owners and managers are offering residents gift certificates, free concierge services, free rent or $99 move-in specials, others are using security deposit alternatives to successfully attract and retain residents as a means of steering clear of concessions altogether and competing for residents effectively.