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Horizon) (TSXV: HPL) regarding the disposal of, through wholly-owned subsidiaries and other SLE-controlled entities, 100% interests in two oil & gas concessions in Poland known as Cieszyn and Bielsko-Biala (the Primary Concessions), plus 100% working interests in two additional oil & gas concessions in Poland known as Prusice and Kotlarka, and another concession which is under application (together the Secondary Concessions).
It said the criteria for the concessions are based on "merit cum means".
Most of the dispute Wednesday involved the proposed transfer of the food concession from Burrito King, which has been at the facility for more than 13 years, to Monterey Concessions Group.
Prior to passing of the Law on Concessions Croatian legislation did not know the institute of concession.
For Downtown, concessions packages over the past three months ranged from 1 month of rent abatement with no tenant improvement allowance for as-is space to 16 months of rent abatement and $45 per sq.
After repeated attempts at larger, high-profile shops at the airport, CI finally broke through, ending up with approximately 30% of the airport's concessions, including an array of retail operations and eating establishments.
Lee Davis, the park service's current concessions chief, who previously worked for 10 years for a major park concessionaire.
These concessions allow the Company significant opportunities for partnering on large scale hard rock mining projects while at the same time pursuing its small scale mining efforts under our mercury reduction plan known as the Strategic Abatement of Mercury and Poverty (STAMP) program.
Against a backdrop of mayoral politics, the Los Angeles City Council rejected a plan on Friday to reverse the Airport Commission's decisions on seven concession agreements.
Some incentives may be harmless enough, but most concessions, such as reduced or free rent or reduced or waived security deposit specials have much more serious long-term implications to the owner and perhaps even the industry overall.
Our strategy is to acquire concessions with high gold and/or copper potential, add value with an initial drill campaign, and then take these opportunities to major mining companies for joint venture.
for concessions after the two companies agreed to give California an additional $100 million to serve the poor.