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CONCESSION. A grant. This word is frequently used in this sense when applied to grants made by the French and Spanish governments in Louisiana.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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UK-BASED energy giant BP has been invited back to bid for a renewal of its stake in Abu Dhabi's oil concession and the Abu Dhabi National Oil Co (Adnoc), aims to announce a shortlist of bidders soon, an oil official from the UAE says.
In the first place, they concern the very definition of concessions, which is deemed to be too much based on the definition of public tenders and regarded as not taking account of the specificities of concessions.
The 95 Jane Norman concessions were subjected to a separate agreement when Edinburgh Woollen Mill, owned by entrepreneur Philip Day, bought the brand and 33 stores from administration four weeks ago.
Summary: Pioneer Natural Resources has reported the successful drilling of three wells during the second and third quarters of 2010 in the Cherouq Concession and Anaguid Permit in southern Tunisia.
The new concessions, which include an undeveloped oil discovery, add to Beach's existing North Shadwan and South East July concessions in Egypt.
The company has struck deals for a 22 percent stake in the Abu Sennan Concession in Egypt's Western Desert and a 15 percent interest in the Mesaha concession in southern Egypt.
In a distant second place is the 12-screen United Artists Breckenridge Stadium, which reported revenue of $889,803 from concessions.
The SERI Report also stated that in 2007 average national tenant effective rents, the estimated cost of occupancy, which includes concessions, also increased from 2006 by 23.4% to $55.20 per square foot--a probable peak in light of the current economic climate.
BRAZIL Highway concessions Concessions for construction,
The Miami-Dade County Commission voted unanimously to award black-owned Concessions Miami a 10-year, $150 million deal with Miami International Airport.
Comair has said that the union has refused to resume talks over the concessions demanded from the flight attendants by the airline.