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This consultation is therefore carried out with a view to concluding a csp in concessive form for the bellegarde-ferney / divonne regional road link, Which will be the subject of an agreement between the region and the delegatee chosen.
Among the traditional works researched, with regard to the forms of connection, there is convergence only when it comes to the possibility of concessive clauses being conveyed by gerund and infinitive clauses, and, of course, by fully developed ones.
Couched in Mann and Thompson's (1988) Rhetorical Structure Theory, the first one by Taboada and Gomez-Gonzalez ("Discourse markers and coherence relations: Comparison across markers, languages and modalities") examines the distribution, realization and position of different types of concessive discourse markers in two English and Spanish corpora (a written corpus, part of the Simon Fraser University Corpus, and a spoken one, part of the CallHome set of corpora), to show that the differences in their usage are more pronounced across genres than across languages.
He synthesizes current views of such aspects as scope parallelism and the interpretation of ellipsis, indefinites and sentential modality, correlates and degrees, concessive conditionals and scalarity, and the dimensions of modal discourse particles.
Among other findings, the interaction of scope and parallelism with ellipsis is reconsidered; the structural significance of modal anchoring and essential properties for the interpretation of indefiniteness is explored in detail; additionally, quantificational variability and correlativity phenomena in relative clauses are analyzed; degree expression is characterized for concessive conditionals and superlatives; and, finally, several discourse particles with a quantificational core are shown to be critical for the articulation of semantic and discourse-pragmatic relations.
Swann << savait bien >> : la locution verbale, chargee d'une valeur concessive, decouvrait la mauvaise foi de Swann.
Prutianu defines five different styles that negotiators use: competitive, concessive, compromise, cooperative, avoidant) (33).
In this sense, the problem of the pantheist risk is badly put: the Spinozist syntagma Deus sive (or) natura does not mean "God = nature": the sive (whether sive derives from the conditional and concessive si or the anaphoric sic) expresses the modalization, that is, the neutralizing and the failure as much of identity as of difference.
Erskine Childers) is acknowledged, only as a concessive clause, to then be trumped by the assertion that they were fundamentally, despite appearances, democratic-minded - vindicated as something that we with our twenty-first-century values can empathise with.
Over the past few years, the sellers in the secondary housing market have become concessive.
However, this is dismissed in the next sentence with the use of a concessive conjunction (emphasis added): but attempts by St James's Palace to explain .
Of these, Prometheus Unbound provides the most straightforward case, since here the Gothic is no more than a concessive clause.