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The process of adjusting or settling disputes in a friendly manner through extra judicial means. Conciliation means bringing two opposing sides together to reach a compromise in an attempt to avoid taking a case to trial. Arbitration, in contrast, is a contractual remedy used to settle disputes out of court. In arbitration the two parties in controversy agree in advance to abide by the decision made by a third party called in as a mediator, whereas conciliation is less structured.

Conciliation is used in labor disputes before arbitration and may also take place in several areas of the law. A court of conciliation is one that suggests the manner in which two opposing parties may avoid trial by proposing mutually acceptable terms. In the past, some states have had bureaus of conciliation for use in Divorce proceedings.The federal government has established the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service, an independent department devoted to settling labor disputes by conciliation and mediation, or settlement of disputes through the intervention of a neutral party.


Alternative Dispute Resolution.


settlement out of court, usually by the assistance of a neutral third party. There is a current trend to use this method in family matters relating to children. It is already well established in employment matters. See ADVISORY CONCILIATION AND ARBITRATION SERVICE.
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If we're playing diplomatic games here, so that we conciliate people who don't like Dr.
The EEOC investigated and unsuccessfully tried to conciliate the matter with Waffle House.
It would be the first time in Japan for a group to ask a home affairs ministry commission to conciliate in such a dispute after a settlement was struck at a court, they said.
Although the prime minister himself is a champion of free-market capitalism, his coalition includes former members of the post-war Christian Democratic establishment, whose adherence to Catholic social teaching inclines them to conciliate organized labor.
As Time magazine's Jay Carney and John Dickerson revealed, van Lohuizen had poll-tested pitch phrases for weeks before arriving at these as the most likely to conciliate a skeptical public.
This view, as Bryson is well aware, raises the problem of reconciling her intense faith with the need to dissimulate and conciliate in political negotiation.
The project is funded by the Natural Environment Research Conciliate and includes researchers from the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, the National Oceanographic Centre, Nottingham University and the RSPB.
Faraz has attempted to conciliate Bizenjo to withdraw the no-trust motion against Senate chairman Sadiq Sanjrani, whereas, the opposition senator suggested Faraz to urge the federal government for taking back the motion against deputy chairman Saleem Mandviwalla.
You can't say Beijing didn't bend over backwards to conciliate the political parties it had shunned for so long.
How will the Bangsamoro autonomy unfold when President Duterte is no longer around to conciliate the various tribes?
"Last year on March 18, you appointed one Mrs Maneno to conciliate on the same issues before you but TSC outright rubbished the process," said Mr Sossion in the letter.He said the "impunity at play at TSC" cannot give any conciliation process reasonable space to deliver, adding that the matter has been before conciliation at the ministry and has gone beyond any conciliation.