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If no breach is detected, the matter is conciliated in an attempt to negotiate redress for the consumer.
HUD reports that about a third of its complaints are settled between the complainant and the respondent or conciliated in an agreement approved by HUD and enforceable by the Department of Justice.
Foreign Office Architects' pier in Yokohama (AR January 2003) shows how modern transport and Walter Benjamin's flaneurs can be conciliated.
As far as individuals are concerned, there are some 6,500 tribunal cases in Wales each year, of which three quarters are conciliated, settled or withdrawn before they reach a full hearing.
Regime change for calculated opportunity and possible imperial expansion should not be conciliated by announced rhetoric of immediate neccessity.
In the first six months this year, about half of the successful conciliated cases were settled under the fast-track case handling arrangement.
The Parliament of Kyrgyzstan on Thursday approved the conciliated draft of the constitutional law with the amendments and changes to the legislative acts on status of judges and Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Court.