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Matters of public policy, the Court explained, are not matters which can be waived or conciliated. Therefore a labour contract may grant an employee more rights than the ones provided by law; however, an employee may not waive his rights under the law as this waiver would be contrary to public policy.
The Parliament of Kyrgyzstan approved the conciliated draft law on vehicles on June 27, which instructs the government to limit import of right-hand drive vehicles within 6 months after publication.
If no breach is detected, the matter is conciliated in an attempt to negotiate redress for the consumer.
Have some cities made so many or so fundamental adjustments that their "form" must be considered a new form altogether (see the middle column of the accompanying chart, the awkwardly-named "conciliated cities") rather than just modifications of the standard forms?
Foreign Office Architects' pier in Yokohama (AR January 2003) shows how modern transport and Walter Benjamin's flaneurs can be conciliated. As Luca Galofaro commented on the current extraordinary blossoming of landscape art, 'the landscape becomes the new field of action in which the "users" stop being normal observers and become indispensable elements for the definition of the space that hosts them'.
As far as individuals are concerned, there are some 6,500 tribunal cases in Wales each year, of which three quarters are conciliated, settled or withdrawn before they reach a full hearing.
Regime change for calculated opportunity and possible imperial expansion should not be conciliated by announced rhetoric of immediate neccessity.
In the first six months this year, about half of the successful conciliated cases were settled under the fast-track case handling arrangement.