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In sections on encounters and performances, conciliations and frontiers, and performing nationhood, they consider such topics as conciliation and diplomacy in colonial Australia and northwest Canada, reimagining the pastoral frontier, brokering peace on Australia's northern frontier in the 1930s, responding with ceremony to the repatriation of Aboriginal human remains from the US to Australia, re-enacting Captain Cook's first landing as conciliation event, and European women photographers and indigenous peoples in the contestation of British and American imperialism in the Pacific from 1890 to 1910.
Conciliation on Colonial Frontiers: Conflict, Performance and Commemoration in Australia and the Pacific Rim
As some of the justices implied today during their questioning, there has to be some judicial review of how the EEOC handles conciliations," he added.
There is a split among the federal circuits on conciliation, so the Supreme Court agreed to hear the case.
First, it should try to "secure a conciliation agreement acceptable" to the EEOC.
Successful conciliations could minimize these losses by a big margin.
A direct consequence of this was an increase in labour unrest (mainly in the organised sector) leading to strikes and lockouts, and an apparent waning of faith (Philips 1956) in the Conciliation Mechanism, set up to deal with such crises.
Consequent to the aforementioned developments, there had been an increasing tendency amongst disputants to raise a token mandatory industrial dispute before the conciliation officer with the purpose of obtaining a reference for a summary judgement.
It also told the agency to report back on how it plans to pursue conciliations no later than 90 days after the proposed bill would take effect.
While courts have met these cases with varying degrees of responses, in a budget report released in early May 2014 by the House Appropriations Committee, lawmakers weighed in and expressed concern about the pursuit of litigation by the EEOC before engaging in "good faith conciliation efforts.
alleged unlawful employment practice by informal methods of conference, conciliation and persuasion.