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SSP Operations Najeeb Ur Rehman Bugvi, SSP HQs Hassan Iqbal, SP Sadar Muhammad Aamir Niazi, Sub-Divisional Police Officer Sayed Aziz, SHO Shalimar Abdul Razzaq, members of conciliatory cimmittee, women, children, and foreigners also attended in large numbers.
Temuri was addressing the members of Neighborhood Watch Committees, Conciliatory Committees and Human Rights Officers at Ramna Police Station.
He added that they were trying to make conciliatory committees more effective to bridge the gap between the police and the people.
When high police officials were contacted regarding the performance of the Conciliatory Committees, it was revealed that several matters of civil nature, domestic and loan disputes had been resolved through these committees but these have been almost non-functional for the last few years.
He said that that conciliatory system was very much effective for resolving cases of minor nature.
In comments which appeared more conciliatory than Tsipras's broadside last Friday, he said Athens aimed "to have a lot of political negotiations through all this time until the end of the month so that there is a positive outcome".
21 (Saba) A' Head of the National Center for Human Rights and Democratic Development Ahmed al-Esy affirmed on Tuesday that the Brussels Conference on Conciliatory Justice in Yemen will be held at the end of October in the Belgian capital, Brussels.
While the government may have disappointed some on the economic front with its conciliatory approach -- whether on the absurd retroactive tax issue or the exceptionally wasteful and corrupt rural job scheme and Food Security Bill -- it has redefined India's otherwise demure foreign policy by pro- actively pursuing a two- fold agenda: to regain India's clout in its backyard by reaching out to neighbours like Bhutan and Nepal; and to push for closer ties with strategic powers like Japan.
The EU urges PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan to play a conciliatory role in Turkey, a day after becoming his country's first popularly elected head of state.
Summary: According to handwritten letter addressed to leaders of Dawa party, Sistani called for Maliki to be replaced with more conciliatory figure.
The findings show that the extent to which a transgressor offered conciliatory gestures to their victims was directly proportional to the extent to which those victims forgave over time.
The Karnataka government is pushing for a speedy resolution of the issue and has asked the labour department to hold conciliatory meetings between the two parties for the same.