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By partnering with Concinnity Advisors, who are experts in assessing the MsOS approach, our goal was to bring to market a product that identifies the companies that are achieving positive outcomes across all stakeholder groups and are setting the standard for taking a responsible and sustainable approach to operating a business.
Nancy Falls is a founder and CEO of The Concinnity Company, a firm that helps companies transform the way their boards and leadership teams work together (www.
Their top 10 of words that deserve to be used more often is: caterwaul (howling or wailing noise), concinnity (harmonious arrangement or fitting together), flapdoodle (nonsense), knavery (roguish act), melange (mixture), obambulate (to walk about), opsimath (a person who studies late in life), philistine (hostile to culture and the arts), rapscallion (rascal) and subtopia (unsightly suburb and development).
The Tax Court examined the five factors and came to the following conclusions: (1) Concinnity purchased the land to divide and sell to customers; (2) Concinnity failed to prove that its sales of land were not frequent enough to be considered to be in the ordinary course of business; (3) Concinnity took more of a developer's role than an investor's role because the company improved the land with water and wastewater systems, found additional investors, and brokered the land sale deals; (4) there was little proof that Concinnity did not actively seek out buyers for individual lots before it sold the three sections of land to the development company; and (5) the sale to the development company was at a price well above market value and thus was not at arm's length.
Her most recent work epitomises how a creative artist can reveal the complexities of life with concinnity in the most basic art material and simplest forms so as to be accessible to all.
Equally enlightening is his finding that there was a frequent concinnity between the German Peace movement and philosemitism.
Babich, on philosophy as music, is also interesting for her remarks on music and on concinnity (using Alberti's definition of this (p.
Given the chaste concinnity of that, or the feral gloat of Rottger, who cares ?
According to Coates, one of the characteristics of a design--be it of a minivan or a wristwatch--that is pleasing to people is concinnity (pronounced kun-SIN-iti).
The careful grouping of the essays gives the volume thematic concinnity so that the breadth does not detract from the overall cohesiveness of the collection.
Whatever the grand design, it went unrealized, and probably always would have done; even had Martin du Gard beavered away for a millennium, I suspect, he wouldn't have rounded the book into right fullness and concinnity.
In this concinnity of words and images, one discovers both the beauty and the inspirational force of the Regulus legend.