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Holding: The Tax Court held that the taxpayers had not provided the IRS with clear and concise notification of their address change; therefore the deficiency notice sent to the taxpayers' old address was valid and the taxpayers' petition for relief was not timely.
It is further submitted that the excuse set up for submissions of the revised concise statement is that the bench had observed that it was holding inquisitorial proceedings and, therefore, Imran Khan was entitled to depart from his pleadings.
Additionally, Concise Review of Critical Care, Trauma and Emergency Medicine can be ordered by retailers or wholesalers for the maximum trade discount price set by the author in quantities of ten or more from the Outskirts Press Direct bookstore at
* The book highlights extensively on Australian marketing context and concise cases, whereas in order to enable students of world markets to connect consumer behavior with the application, its approach should be global.
What he means is deliver a document that offers few words (concise), yet still attacks a purpose with accuracy (precise) and gets to the point (succinct).
Concise Learning is bound for many bookshelves for two key reasons: first, all libraries can receive a free digital copy of the book by emailing the author through his Web site (; and second, Krasnic promotes a study strategy that efficiently organizes and connects information.
The lawyers for the federation requested the court to grant them some time so that they might be able to file the concise statement as per the directions of the court.
Written in a concise format, the new e-book broaches a subject that is rarely tackled in a broad, easy-to-read fashion, according to author and surveyor Charles Dixon.
Vision First Design freeform technology, the proprietary technology used in the design of Kodak Concise Nano Lenses, reverses the traditional progressive design methodology.
"We strive to be concise and appealing to all, so to be recognised as the best regional newspaper at a time of such change in the industry just shows how hard-working and committed our staff are."
The hand-bound "time capsule" of Planet Earth will be exhibited in Hall 4, Stand B -- 18 of the Book Fair along with EARTH Concise and some of the other high quality, exclusive reference books that Millennium House publishes.
1 : the act or process of making more compact or concise