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The court noted that it would not be possible to proceed with the case without the concise statement.
Although this book is titled Concise dictionary of English usage, only in comparison to its parent volume, the Merriam-Webster dictionary of English usage (Merriam-Webster, 1994), could the word concise be applied.
Because all RIM professionals deal with dwindling resources and time constraints, well-written, concise documentation that informs users of what information they need, when they need it, and in a format that they can relate to is of utmost importance.
Garner covers the most common errors, pitfalls, and trouble spots in legal writing in concise, jargon-free style.
Special features of this monograph include a number of informative tables and figures, concise and consistent language style of each chapter, highly qualified writers on each subject (18 in all), and warnings about potentially adverse treatments.
The Seiko Concise Oxford Dictionary is small enough to slide into a handbag or pocket yet it features the entire contents of the Concise Oxford Dictionary.
As noted earlier, a taxpayer is responsible for providing the IRS with clear and concise notification of an address change.
Her concise essays synthesize an enormous amount of information, thereby sparing general readers and younger scholars undesirable detail.
Equitable and convenient billing: Submeters provide more concise monthly readings of electrical consumption than the standard utility meter by measuring the exact energy consumption of individual rooms or various areas of any building.
Called Concise Engineering and Technology Index, the resource is available exclusively on CD-ROM with SilverPlatter and is online with OCLC FirstSearch.
Grant begins this concise book with a concise conversation between an American colonel and his North Vietnamese Army counterpart, one Colonel Tu, during a meeting in Hanoi just a week before the fall of Saigon.