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The chief justice observed that it seemed as if Dr Basit was not interested in filing the concise statement.
EARTH Concise won the International Map Trade Award (IMTA) for Best Book in 2008, while EARTH won global acclaim for its excellent designer quality and incomparable content value.
Merriam-Webster's concise dictionary of English usage, with its entries arranged alphabetically and including functional cross-references, enables easy access to solutions to many common usage issues.
Eagleton begins the Concise Companion by introducing the "paradoxes, problems, and contradictions with which feminist theory continues to tussle," as exemplified in the book, though she immediately cautions that "anyone hoping that we will find near answers had better stop reading now" (p.
As I see this document, however, I believe that the drafting committee, comprised of people I also deeply respect, showed a creative and concise effort to put together our positions for the beginning of the twenty-first century.
Because all RIM professionals deal with dwindling resources and time constraints, well-written, concise documentation that informs users of what information they need, when they need it, and in a format that they can relate to is of utmost importance.
Garner, the editor in chief of Black's Law Dictionary, is leading the charge for clearer, more concise, and more understandable legal writing with his latest book, The Elements of Legal Style (Oxford University Press, 288 pages, hardcover).
The book is remarkable for its concise yet thorough approach to a difficult subject.
Concise Contact Management Ltd has developed a utility program for Interact Commerce Corp's ACT
Well fear not, for Seiko have got together with the Concise Oxford Dictionary to produce a brand new electronic dictionary that's the answer to your prayers, and we have six of them, each worth pounds 49.
The IRS is entitled to treat the address shown on the return for which the deficiency notice is being issued as the taxpayer's last known address unless it receives clear and concise notice that the taxpayer has moved.