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The scholarly apparatus is a model for concisely crediting the extensive sources utilized by the author in his rehabilitation of an elemental aspect of Venice's allure.
The ability to communicate immediately and concisely in a global environment using Net Centric Technology, utilizing generally accepted and comprehensive control objectives, has become essential to the management and operation of a successful enterprise.
The author moves concisely and adeptly between African idiom and the quick catch phrases of Western popular culture with a deliberate necessity reflective of his own world view.
When questions arise, handle them as quickly and concisely as possible.
Wood summarizes concisely the contemporary scholarly approaches to war in the Bible.
It shows concisely not only the progression of the artist but also the progression of the critics.
Responses to requests for information should be timely; arguments and documentation supporting a position and establishing the reasonableness of the client's classifications should be well organized and presented clearly and concisely.
This time the story concerns a blond, green-eyed lad concisely named T.
The costumes of bell-bottoms and bandeau tops suggest that the time period of 66 is '66, as does the prickly romanticism of the central duet for the commandingly sensual Julie Stahl and a perplexed Andrew Robinson, which concisely evokes the tensions of sixties feminism.
It deals clearly and concisely with events and personalities, but also includes a mass of fascinating `asides' and contemporary references, with a multitude of well chosen illustrations which add much detail and `colour', to provide a balanced and entertaining survey of why Scotland is a country where heroics were perhaps to be expected.
But," he adds, "I don't think anybody has ever pointed it out as neatly and concisely as Wennberg.
He concisely explains what can and cannot be expected of an intelligence assessment.