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Basic terms are clearly defined visually and verbally, and the works of such great artists as Vincent van Gogh, Leonardo da Vinci and Claude Monet are put to use to illustrate concisely the basics of each term and concept.
The author says that they are written concisely but accurately, and that legendary or doubtful matters are indicated as such.
From my experiences at the United States Coast Guard Academy in New London, Connecticut and with the various contributors to this journal, I have found that more than anything else, education in the military stresses the courage to think carefully and ethically about decisions, and the ability to communicate those decisions clearly and concisely.
Textbook in structure, the book concisely written and is an easy and interesting read.
Those words by English novelist and playwright John Galsworthy adequately and concisely sum up the need for all of us--individuals and organizations--to exercise foresight and continually calculate the future.
After you're done with HIPAA Privacy Essentials, you'll be ready to jump into the Implementation Guide, which walks you clearly and concisely through the entire process of setting up a HIPAA privacy program, from self-assessment to hiring of a compliance officer, implementation, and training.
The December 4 Washington Times concisely described the precedent set by the UN tribunal: "With a trio of guilty verdicts yesterday, the UN .
It's nothing short of thrilling, up until the end, when Jackson feels obliged to send off his characters with a pile-up of endings, all of which are nicely done and, in fact, told far more concisely than in the book.
Many of White's points could have been made more clearly and more concisely.
The church/mosque (now a museum is concisely explained by Robert Ousterhout in The Art of Kariye Camii, Scala Publishers, London, 2002, [pounds sterling]14.
The scholarly apparatus is a model for concisely crediting the extensive sources utilized by the author in his rehabilitation of an elemental aspect of Venice's allure.
My experience is they are two-to-five years ahead of similar graduates in their ability to write concisely, speak in front of groups, or express their thoughts on paper or verbally," he observes.