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Along with conciseness, Web sites also benefit from comprehensiveness.
Part 4 concentrates on Estienne's views on Seneca's literary style: the structure of sentences, the use of verbal tenses, the rhythm, the art of conciseness, the use of dialogue, and neologism.
The German EU Presidency is delighted with the quality and conciseness of these conclusions.
The major strengths of this book are its readability and conciseness.
In chapter six, she offers guidance for the teacher on lesson presentation, emphasizing the importance of teaching children through concise language and meaningful gestures, and drawing attention to the principles of conciseness, simplicity, and objectivity characteristic of her method.
A toolbox that contains essential tools for any critic who seeks to speak, that is to say write with clarity and conciseness and without creating logical contradiction in terms within their work.
Indeed, the only minor drawback for some listeners may be the traditional cuts Rabin makes in the score, but the very conciseness of the result for me works in its favor, rendering every note all the more succulently.
Alison found that conciseness was extremely important in short film writing, because a tight script effectively allowed visual images, rather than dialogue, to tell the story.
A suggestion was put to John Paul II that a compendium be prepared in order to meet two essential objectives: conciseness and a focus on essentials.
It's a beautiful, densely written saga that sprawls in time, space, and subject matter with Henry James's attention to the details of class, Nabokov's telling conciseness, and Michael Cunningham's way with a multigenerational family story.
One can begin to appreciate the necessity of the conciseness and brevity of naval abbreviations when explanations such as the one above are discovered.
The text is hallmarked by its simplicity, practicality, conciseness, and focus on getting the aspiring webmaster up and running with quick results.