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The precision, as well as the concision necessary for technical information, which is what makes for the use of complex lexical units.
To learn more about Concision Research, Inc and their "Concision Market Reports," please visit the company's website or call 770-874-3600 for additional information.
It was the age of sitting down in a study, smoking a pipe and reflecting on life with big words and no thoughts of a sub-editor's need for concision.
I don't suppose I'll ever read the book again, but many elements of the movie repay repeated exposure, from Elmer Bernstein's superb score to Horton Foote's screenplay, a model of concision and concinnity from which extraneous characters in the novel (such as annoying Aunt Alexandra) are wisely excised.
The task of concision in any of these six founding fathers' lives would be a daunting task, yet Fleming has achieved its demands without sacrificing the subtle qualifications that dot any person's biography.
His biographical notes similarly show flair and concision (although lacking sourcing).
While a lengthier narrative would have allowed broader arcs and brought the storylines of the minor characters to completion, Indignation gathers strength in its efficiency and concision.
Yet to medievalists worrying the historical and analytical differences between "heresy" and "orthodoxy," Beguins offer what Burnham characterizes with apt concision as their "fundamental problematic .
Although a concise sentence is without needless words, it is difficult to define concision more precisely There are, however, some principles that facilitate revision.
I'm struck by the disparity between the aggressive concision of Sanchez's visual work and the spiraling discourse surrounding it.
There is no curmudgeonly backlash in Zaid's essays, only the wisdom and concision of a literary culture well examined, in various Western languages.
This organization adds to the concision and clarity of the book and works well with Heil's attempt to present ideas in an unpretentious manner.