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CONCLAVE. An assembly of cardinals for the purpose of electing a pope; the place where the assembly is held is also called a conclave. It derives this name from the fact that all the windows and doors are looked, with the exception of a single panel, which admits a gloomy light.

References in classic literature ?
Doctor Wybrow lit his cigar, and looked round him at his brethren in social conclave assembled.
The members constituted themselves into a club conclave on the church steps.
Felicity and Cecily took her to the spare room and then left her in the sitting-room while they returned to the kitchen, to discuss the matter in family conclave.
Be this as it may, the boys were recalled from house- window, garden, stable, and cow-yard, and the school were assembled in full conclave, when Mr Squeers, with a small bundle of papers in his hand, and Mrs S.
Schemes have indeed been laid in the vestry which would hardly disgrace the conclave.
Your Rambouillet is in full conclave," he said, looking round at all the party; "the graces and the muses.
He put both his hands out as if to ward off the reproach of a defiling truth; and, instantly, the appalled conclave of unreal men, standing about mutely beyond the clear lustre of mirrors, made at him the same gesture of rejection and horror.
The board were sitting in solemn conclave, when Mr.
Answer me not,'' said the Templar, ``by urging the difference of our creeds; within our secret conclaves we hold these nursery tales in derision.
Can't you imagine the family conclaves, and the sister told to run out and feed the rabbits because St.
And in those nightly conclaves in which the two ladies indulged after their parties, and while Miss Payne was "brushing their 'airs," as she called the yellow locks of the one and the soft brown tresses of the other, this girl always put in her word for that dear good gentleman Major Dobbin.
In what is going to be his first intimate public interaction after retirement, legendary cricketer Sachin Tendulkar will deliver the keynote address at the conclave and will take questions on his life on and off the field.