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Room Conclusio How the Software-Defined Data Center Makes Practical and Economic Sense within One of the UK's Largest University Infrastructures Paul Alexander, IT director, Open University, Video.
Williams, whom Girard is here following, had previously pointed out that this final commandment articulates in a kind of conclusio the ethical principle underlying the previous four commandments.
yo m fe fe fe few kne Ma conclusio At the track, it's normally freezing, you can't move for foul-mouthed drunks, and it's often not possible to get a bet on - but, to be fair, it's much the same in my living-room.
When we Christians proclaim that God is personal, he loves us, has saved us calls us to a happy and eternal life with him, we are not formulating conclusio frcm nature.
Id cuius scientia per demonstrationem quaeritur est conclusio aliqua in qua propria passio de subiecto aliquo praedicatur: quae quidem conclusio ex aliquibus principiis infertur.
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The third conclusio that has been drawn from the crisis is "the phrase that we have been using for the last nine-10 months the unthinkable is thinkable," he said.
57, [section] Prima conclusio (immo quinta conclusio) and quaest.
Asi, del edificio silogistico que se alza en la conclusio para elucidar la superioridad moral de las letras o la de las armas se concluye, falseando proposiciones, con la superioridad de la milicia.
Mack (Rhetoric and the NT, 42) summarizes a standard speech that includes seven or eight items in a four-point outline: (1) exordium, (a) the introduction; (2) narratio, with (b) a proposition and (c) the rationale or reason; (3) confirmatio, with (d) opposites or contraries, (e) analogies or comparisons, (f) examples, and (g) citations of authority; and (4) conclusio, (h) the conclusion.