conclusion of the matter

References in classic literature ?
Then you think the conclusion of the matter has been reached?
And the incredible conclusion of the matter was that we were actually within their lines in another hour; saw them as large as life within a mile and a half on either side of us; and must every man of us have been taken prisoner had not every man but Connal refused to go one inch further, and had not the Boers themselves obviously suspected some subtle ruse as the only conceivable explanation of so madcap a manoeuvre.
I have said this was the conclusion of the matter, and I blush to repeat that it practically was.
And so the conclusion of the matter was that it would be far better to take it quietly, and wait coolly to see what would turn up.
Since the matter was sub judice before the Supreme Court, those affected by these false claims would adopt a legal course against the anchorperson after conclusion of the matter at the judicial level, he added.
However, despite conclusion of the matter the persons equipped with arms allegedly raided the house and misbehaved with children and women.
Warranty 24 months (from the date of conclusion of the matter firmly on the ground made the successful transfer-acceptance protocol).
I will review the situation upon the conclusion of the matter in the crown court," he said.
We look forward to the council's endorsement of the report and the conclusion of the matter.
A second day had already been set aside to hear the conclusion of the matter.
He convened the meeting today (Wednesday) to reach the logical conclusion of the matter.
While responding to these comments, the panellists highlighted that the process of facilitating WTO waiver for Pakistan was still under process and there was need for an early conclusion of the matter.