conclusive proof

References in classic literature ?
I sauntered away, but when I returned he was still there, which seemed conclusive proof that he had smoked my purpose.
While this information was in no way reassuring, neither was it at all conclusive proof of the death of Dejah Thoris, and so I determined to make every effort possible to reach Helium as quickly as I could and carry to Tardos Mors such news of his granddaughter's possible whereabouts as lay in my power.
The jewel-case is a conclusive proof that he did stand there.
Tim Haswell lingered three days, during which time he not only confessed to the murder of Irene Tackley, but furnished conclusive proofs of the same.
Ed Laguerta, Phivolcs chief volcanologist in the Bicol Region, yesterday said Mayon was showing low abnormal activity in the last 24 hours but no conclusive proof would support that such activity was weakening.
They represent a historic achievement and a conclusive proof of the Egyptians' ability to build their state and face all challenges and risks," Sewedy said in a press release.
Therefore, since the Ombudsman failed to show conclusive proof that Arroyo and Bolante actually pocketed any of the funds in question, their acquittal followed quite logically.
But a damning new report published today provides conclusive proof the policy has done very little to help poorer students get to uni.
Conclusive proof that rubber-faced japester Jim Carrey could act after all.
And here's conclusive proof duty is still too high.
Lord Howell's comments merely serve to confirm that the main value of the House of Lords is that it provides conclusive proof of life after death.
The Head of Public Prosecution indicated that the public prosecution in such cases would administer the maximum punishment due to the fact that conclusive proof was presented for their involvement.