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The research summarized above on both the issues of sidedness and conclusiveness has been conducted in the U.
Methodological issues limit the conclusiveness of the findings.
The inclusion and elaboration of conceptual structure at the beginning followed by an analysis in the concluding section and some arguments satisfying the scholars from fields who seek for quantitative justification would augment the general quality of the analysis and conclusiveness.
The coda features a satisfying ending to a perfectly conceived arch-like form, and makes a return of the glorious melody, with a rich harmonic support similar to variations 1 and 2, but now, exhibiting a sense of conclusiveness marked by strategically placed pedal-point phrase extensions.
All attempts at disproving the conclusiveness of my thesis were destined for failure because they did not penetrate the value theory at the core of the problem.
These do not necessarily falsify the trauma of the experience--but they make one wonder what lies beyond their conceptual clarity, the structural neatness of their presentation, and their conclusiveness.
6) It was owing to this fact--and to this fact alone--that the early advocates of scientific methodology were able to point to the unique conclusiveness of scientific investigations, in comparison with the sterile and interminable wrangling of other modes of inquiry (in particular, scholastic metaphysics).
The story told by Jean le Graveur certainly expresses, with peculiar conclusiveness, one of the main problems that affected any demonology subsequent to the Summa Theologica: the obsession to demonstrate that even though evil spirits lack bodies-naturally-attached-to-them, they can nevertheless produce real effects in the material world.
These include statements regarding the Company's growth and expansion plans, the conclusiveness of the results of and success of its Ablatherm-HIFU clinical trials and expectations regarding the IDE submission to and approval by the FDA of the Ablatherm-HIFU device.
The Conclusiveness of Originally Expected Applications in Fixing Meaning
degree of finality or the level of conclusiveness that would be required
I have decided not to pardon Billy the Kid because of a lack of conclusiveness, and also the historical ambiguity as to why governor Wallace reneged on his pardon," Richardson added.