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The informativeness and conclusiveness of individual segregating sites as evaluated by polymorphism information content, shows that the ability of the identified segregating sites to distinguish genotypes for the mGH gene was relatively high.
What is being reported in the annual assessment of school systems has been shown in research to be lacking in statistical validity and reliability, not so much in terms of assessment targets, but rather in terms of conclusiveness from performance (output) data from accountability assessments.
i) because of the conclusiveness of the register, in circumstances in which, if this Act had not been passed, the claimant would have been entitled to recover the land from the present owner, and
In between absolute rights and use rights on the spectrum of conclusiveness we find in rem rights, such as the right to exclude and the right to alienate resources.
It is also reported, though without the conclusiveness of paper evidence, that the Pakistani government fired her; she claims she resigned.
Instead he called on "political forces" to close ranks in the face of a growing threat by ISIS, but took no concrete steps to meet US demands for greater political conclusiveness.
Corollary to the afforested problems and to test the conclusiveness of the findings of this study, the following hypotheses are formulated.
This is also one of the first studies on advertising sidedness and conclusiveness that was partly conducted in China.
The Windsor opinion's imprecise argumentation reflects this skepticism about the conclusiveness of conventional legal authority.
she says; and Hawthorne ends the chapter with the conclusiveness of an amen: "Then, all was spoken
There will be the "nth degree-er" who takes points made in the presentation past their logical conclusions toward a less-than-logical conclusiveness.
Despite the conclusiveness of our findings, this study has some limitations that will need to be taken into account in future research.