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3d DCA 2007) ("This [c]ourt is not persuaded by conclusory predictions of future harm based on factual allegations which do not demonstrate an immediate danger.
This difference might impact the tendency for conclusory reasoning because one might presume that greater stakes will engender greater care in providing explanations.
Tamara de Silva commented, “The term 'quasi-judicial' is not a conclusory term-it requires a scrutiny of function.
6, 2012, the FDA responded with a conclusory denial, reciting that it was aware of no data supporting "the use of antineoplaston therapy as a potentially safe and effective treatment for multiple myeloma.
Mere conclusory attacks with minimal evidence were rejected in Hemingway v.
to consider, since it is simply a conclusory statement with no
Hirsch dismissed this as "nonsense," and in one conclusory statement after another, opined that" all went well," clearly it did not
The complaint is long unsupported and conclusory rhetoric, but short on facts and legal underpinnings,' the bank said.
When Justices and government lawyers defend government-sponsored religious displays by claiming that the display is really secular, the argument is often rather conclusory.
The original Goldstone Report could have limited its conclusory judgment to an assertion that Israel did not meet its obligation under the international laws of armed conflict to take all feasible measures to minimize harm to civilians.