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Spoiler alert: The book opens with this conclusory verse from Daniel Defoe (1727), clearly chosen to establish the theme of the book early on--When Men, unwilling to be blamed alone,/ Shift off their Crimes on Him which are their Own .
However, the conclusory statement above is a non sequitur.
So too, conclusory testimony that the acquired records were reviewed for accuracy and then relied on does not demonstrate the circumstances under which the acquired records are prepared that provides necessary foundation for a record to be admitted under [[section]]90.
As currently drafted, the directives contain editorial, non-germane, and conclusory statements that do not provide guidance to either examiners or taxpayers.
THE DEPLOYMENT of Russian military power to the Middle East, in alliance with both Iran and the Syrian regime of Bashar al-Assad--who has committed massive human rights offenses and has violated international accords through his use of banned weaponry--provides conclusory evidence of Vladimir Putin's world view.
They argue that judgments in the area can only be conclusory or irrational.
06 is entirely conclusory and contains no analysis or explanation for why accounts receivable created in connection with Sec.
Outdated perspectives potentially biased conclusory statements regarding Herbalife products.
The author also makes the following conclusory statement, and serious accusation, up front: Meltdown does not determine why the Corps acted as it did, it tells "how the Corps achieved its apparent purpose of burying forever (or at least the foreseeable future) particulars that would have helped fill gaps in the history of this country's misguided attempts to bring an American solution to a Middle East problem.
The White House memo supporting the Department of Labor's revised rule to redefine fiduciary in retirement plans is "overly broad in condemning the industry and fairly conclusory without citing a lot of specifics," former Minnesota Gov.
The editor has written a conclusory chapter, oPost-Automobility,o in which he theorizes about changes that could put automobility on a different future path.
Allegations must be more than '[t]hreadbare recitals of the elements of a cause of action, supported by mere conclusory statements.