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Around the same period, Mata and Hari used to concoct playful mime comedies.
The monks also concoct soaps, fragrances, calming herbal waters, perfumes, bath oils, creams and incenses beloved by supermodels and stars.
Edward and his buddies concoct an elaborate scheme to abscond with the money his wicked stepmother has stolen from his father, and establish a scholarship at Julliard that is so specific only Edward will qualify for it.
Use them to concoct martinis, fruit coolers and all kinds of other zippy libations.
With Children'' creator Ron Leavitt, who somehow has managed to concoct a program that's even less subtle than his earlier work.
Harald's discovery of a Hornet Moth in bad repair on a friend's estate leads him and Karen, the friend's sister, to concoct a plan to resurrect and fly the Hornet to England with the photos he has taken.
By changing the brewing broths and growth conditions, Lieber's team can concoct helical and sawtooth shapes, which he believes may have interesting applications.
It's abundantly clear that companies continue to concoct creative - and not so creative - measures to make it difficult, if not impossible, to get a clear sense of their financial condition.
Now, with the help of his friend Ula (Rob Schneider), he has to concoct new and increasingly clever ways to meet her and get her to fall for him every friggin' day.