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A second very obvious one is that this young man really is the heir of a great property, however modest his means may at present be, and it is not impossible that a plot to hold him for ransom might be concocted.
He said that some one, without any knowledge of the fact that such a thing might be concocted, had once stumbled upon it by accident, and so he couldn't see why a fellow who knew all about powder except how to make it couldn't do as well.
Then they concocted the scheme whereby my reputation was to be the price, instead of the count's.
Well, when the seven years were up, your relations and mine too, Ernestine, concocted what I have always considered an ill-begotten and a miserably selfish plot.
From the tip-top heart of the tree she concocted a delicious salad.
Chafing dishes were not unknown to him, and he wondered if she concocted suppers on this one for some of those University young men he had heard whispers about.
Rose herself had some doubts as to how it would strike her uncle, and concocted a wheedlesome speech which should at once convince him that it was the most useful, wholesome, and delightful plan ever devised.
Then, when Biedenbach and the other comrades awoke, with their aid I concocted a little conspiracy.
The Information Affairs Authority (IAA) News Centre concocted a special programme which was broadcast tonight at 9 PM live.
Sydney, Dec 1 ( ANI ): Computer experts have reportedly concocted a formula- 'duck, weave, leave'- for English cricket side to combat their nemesis Mitchell Johnson in the second Ashes Test in Adelaide.
My granny, a widow in her 40s with more weans than the fabled woman who lived in the shoe, concocted family recipes that not only fed her own tribe but have been gratefully passed through the generations since.
Summary: The personal technology industry has concocted many devices to measure a user's daily .