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The tales, therefore, though less purely Oriental than in their first concoction, were eminently better fitted for the European market, and obtained an unrivalled degree of public favour, which they certainly would never have gained had not the manners and style been in some degree familiarized to the feelings and habits of the western reader.
The concoction of the draught has been perfect," said he, in answer to Georgiana's look.
Might the whole story of the cataleptic Russian and his son be a concoction of Dr.
Six foot three in height, active as a squirrel, dexterous with his fingers, finally, remarkably quick-witted, for this whole ingenious story is of his concoction.
I know just how you feel about it, you daughter of Eve," she said, with gay sympathy, "but December roads are damp, and if you are going to walk to Marrs' you are not going to do it in those frivolous Parisian concoctions, even with overboots on; so be brave, dear heart, and show that you have a soul above little red satin shoes.
Also, with tea made from spruce needles, with concoctions brewed from the inner willow bark, and with sour and bitter roots and bulbs from the ground, they dosed his scurvy out of him, so that he ceased limping and began to lay on flesh over his bony framework.
The filth of his cooking was indescribable; and, as he cooked everything that was eaten aboard, I was compelled to select what I ate with great circumspection, choosing from the least dirty of his concoctions.
Well, I assure you that ever since I came over from Russia I have been stuffed with indigestible foreign concoctions of the most nauseating kind--pah
Now a senior official in the office of the chairman of the local government where he works, Abolaji said he did not believe the claim in some quarters that the concoction could be injurious to health.
This was extremely relevant and also needed as these chemicals are being increasingly consumed by our youth in particular and people in general in form of betel nut and its concoction,' said the seasoned professionals.
Summary: A fusion cafAaAaAeA@ at the Waterfront Market serves up a uniq concoction after two years of experimentation
He discusses infanticide across cultures and in Northern Ghana; the role of the house in Nankani family social relations; the role of the bush as a location, imaginative space, and state of being in relation to the world of spirits; spirit child behavior and causation; detection and decision making in dealing with spirit children; the role of concoctions and concoction men in treating them and sending them back to the bush; causes of death of these children; and why some families protect nonviable and spiritually dangerous children.