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Now, put in the nuts," she said at last; and Tom emptied his plate into the foamy syrup, while the others watched with deep interest the mysterious concoction of this well-beloved sweetmeat.
There was no telling where or how it had been manufactured--some native concoction most likely.
Emil Sachs," he said sternly, "you have given out at least one portion of your abominable concoction which is meant to end my days.
The Marchioness, in saying these words, brought a little table to the bedside, took her seat at it, and began to work away at the concoction of some cooling drink, with the address of a score of chemists.
I know just how you feel about it, you daughter of Eve," she said, with gay sympathy, "but December roads are damp, and if you are going to walk to Marrs' you are not going to do it in those frivolous Parisian concoctions, even with overboots on; so be brave, dear heart, and show that you have a soul above little red satin shoes.
Also, with tea made from spruce needles, with concoctions brewed from the inner willow bark, and with sour and bitter roots and bulbs from the ground, they dosed his scurvy out of him, so that he ceased limping and began to lay on flesh over his bony framework.
The filth of his cooking was indescribable; and, as he cooked everything that was eaten aboard, I was compelled to select what I ate with great circumspection, choosing from the least dirty of his concoctions.
Well, I assure you that ever since I came over from Russia I have been stuffed with indigestible foreign concoctions of the most nauseating kind--pah
Sarah Wood, function manager at the Green Man in the CBD, said that once a person gets past the fact that there is stag semen in it, it is actually quite a nice concoction, News.
But already some have brought the concoction from across the border and are selling it from their own homes.
A CONCOCTION of stomach-turning treats left office workers' with a bad taste in their mouths.
Ten homes had to be evacuated from the street on September 6 when a concoction of chemicals set off an explosion.