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I wonder if it is possible to concoct a punch or a cocktail out of trade rum?
It was useless waiting for an opportunity, and useless trying to concoct a speech for the occasion.
As the immortal Alexis Soyer can make more delicious soup for a half-penny than an ignorant cook can concoct with pounds of vegetables and meat, so a skilful artist will make a few simple and pleasing phrases go farther than ever so much substantial benefit-stock in the hands of a mere bungler.
He constantly concocts logical (to him) explanations of what is happening to Jews he sees along his way.
IN MOLIERE'S 17th-century comedy ``The School for Wives,'' the middle-age bourgeois bachelor Arnolphe concocts a cure for his fear of marriage: He'll wed a simpleton.
Clifford, the pen name of noted director-author Gary Hardwick (Deliver Us From Eva), concocts an intricate, powerful plot that understands this battle very well and works hard to pass that message along to the reader: This is a memorable work.