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Here, dialogue is centre-staged in order to shape a type of learning analytics that will capture moments of shift in focus, or critical moments, after which there is a change in the overall interactional pattern, as I have outlined in section 1 in this paper and which, I maintain, retain specific educational interest in terms of the language use that emerges in concomitance with such shifts (see also Messina Dahlberg & Bagga-Gupta, 2016, for a detailed analysis of these phenomena).
However, the clinical case reported may illustrate the possibility of this concomitance to justify further exposure of clinical cases refractory to treatment.
L'inevitable chevauchement entre l'enseignement et les etudes universitaires induit un autre defi, celui de la conciliation entre leur emploi en enseignement (bien souvent en concomitance avec un emploi dans le metier), leurs etudes universitaires et le reste de leur vie personnelle.
The peak values are seen on the spray axis (soot region) and there is a small bump in concomitance with the stoichiometric region at around 5 mm radially.
That said, while there is one remote possibility that employees are always splitting part of their workweek (say, Monday and Tuesday) to work on activity A, and devoting the other part of their workweek (say, Wednesday through Friday) to work on activity B, the level of concomitance of that experience is still greater than if an employee reports working on activity A during a week, and then working on activity B during another week a full 2 years later.
The report entitled Towards a water and food secure future and launched today at the World Water Forum in concomitance with the World Water Council urges government policies and public and private investment to ensure that crops, livestock and fish are sustainably produced in ways also aimed at safeguarding water resources.
We speculate that the mechanism underlying the myelin alterations in D- gal-treated animals is complicated due to the concomitance of myelin breakdown and myelin re- formation.
Recently a case of papillary carcinoma in an autonomously functioning nodule was described by Jose Ulisses M confirming that the presence of hot thyroid nodule does not exclude the concomitance of well differentiated thyroid carcinoma.
Midas' toxic touch renders the lavish feast tainted, inedible; the alarming concomitance of arid earth tone slips on what should be alluring delicacies points to the virulent nature of this repast.
In obese as well as in nonobese subjects, the presence of insulin resistance signals the concomitance of other metabolic and hemodynamic abnormalities, a cluster known as the insulin resistance syndrome [22].
Ce modele, a ajoute Sa Majeste le Roi, repose egalement sur la volonte de dispenser une formation scientifique et religieuse eclairee qui "doit etre impregnee des valeurs pronant la moderation, le juste milieu et la preservation des constantes islamiques, parallelement et en concomitance avec l'effort imaginatif de l'Ijtihad et l'ouverture d'esprit", car il s'agit de "veiller a une parfaite concordance entre notre sainte religion et nos choix nationaux, ainsi que les imperatifs des temps modernes".
Dans une declaration a la TAP, Sarsar a explique avoir passe en revue avec le president de l'ANC, les alternatives possibles, a la lumiere de la persistance de la polemique sur la tenue en concomitance ou separement des elections presidentielle et legislatives.