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support current North American guidelines, which suggest use of proton pump inhibitors or misoprostol for traditional NSAID users taking concomitant medications such as antithrombotics, corticosteroids, or SSRIs, and use of PPIs for low-dose-aspirin users taking antithrombotics or taking corticosteroids if these patients are 60 years old.
In additional findings, among the 47 women who had symptomatic prolapse and did have concomitant repair at the time of their continence surgery, just 6% underwent another prolapse repair during follow-up (2 at 36 months and 1 at 48 months).
The rate of multiple concomitant metastatic sites decreased with increasing age (p < 0.
8%) patients were positive for the concomitant dengue infection.
Regardless of the mechanism, clinical trial data has clearly demonstrated that concomitant use of MTX improves response to adalimumab.
Of 80 women who had advanced pelvic organ prolapse (stage III/IV) who underwent robotic-assisted sacrocolpopexy, 88% underwent concomitant robotic and vaginal procedures, including robotic supracervical hysterectomy, Burch procedure, paravaginal repair, lysis of adhesions, bilateral salpingooophorectomy, vaginal cystocele or rectocele repair, and placement of a midurethral sling.
Keywords: Concomitant, retromolar, distodens, supernumerary, hypodontia, hyperdontia, agenesis.
Patients who are taking concomitant NSMDs should be advised to either stop these drugs or consider using proton pump inhibitors.
Though the concomitant societal effects of Plan B's availability shouldn't be a concern of the FDA it should be a concern to society at large, including Humanists.
Martin's ten-minute film uses gesture, touch, and sight as the nexus between man and machine, art and science, looking back toward high modernism's fascination with technology and its concomitant belief in the ideology of progress.
In other words, they suffer from as little other intercurrent disease as possible, and the list of concomitant medications they can be taking is usually restricted.
Changes in the environment have necessitated changes in the practice of both professions as they come to terms with concomitant issues such as privacy, security, intellectual capital, and digital preservation.