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Patients in each group were treated concomitantly with antibiotics for approximately 8 days.
In that study, subjects were administered either 1) MMRV vaccine and placebo (n = 399), 2) MMR and varicella vaccines (n = 195), or 3) MMR vaccine and placebo (n = 205) concomitantly at separate sites.
Concomitantly, only one set of MTC auditors needed to collect and analyze the information, net 29.
Following the UN's example of giving radical NGOs semi-official status at international conferences, the FTAA welcomed hundreds of leftists into the America's Trade and Sustainable Development Forum (ATSDF) that ran concomitantly with the FTAA in the neighboring Clarion and Marriott hotels.
The earnings estimates tender repercussions affecting risk of the equity issues and, concomitantly, the firm's cost of capital.
Clearly, the reviewed studies reveal that different contexts present different experiences and that, concomitantly, individuals have varying experiences," the research team reports.
As a result of SAB 101, some companies deferred recognizing revenue for financial statement purposes and, concomitantly, for income tax purposes.
However, other plausible explanations that are likely to be concomitantly involved include: 1) inhibition of the broad spectrum HIV trans-activating protein Tat, 2) decreased expression of growth factors and cytokines contributing to cancer development and maintenance, 3) direct antitumor effects of protease inhibitors, and 4) direct effects of HAART on HHV-8 or EBV.
Concomitantly, she led the League in another vital effort--the "Freedom Agenda"--the League's program to remind Americans of the importance of maintaining our individual constitutional liberties.
The manufacturer notes that Restasis can be used concomitantly with artificial tears but suggests that patients observe a 15-minute interval between use of each product.
As designs require increasingly smaller drive packages, demands are increased concomitantly on the holding brake to produce more torque for its size.
Forthrightly, Coleman posits that this attempted uprooting of the Calibanic narrative is inexorably liberating and circumscribing; he asserts very clearly that these authors' technical virtuosity has yielded nuanced attempts to re-inscribe black male subjectivity that may on one level reaffirm the dreaded Calibanistic narrative but on another concomitantly interrupt and refashion it.