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Fundamentals of Concordance, offered from March 10 through April 6, focuses on how to manage the information produced in the discovery process using Concordance to organize, review, search, and produce litigation documents that are scanned or electronic.
Our model demonstrates good predictive accuracy, with a concordance index of 0.
Two nonlinear mixed models were used to analyze the concordance rates for the target diagnosis and the general category.
The aim of this study is to investigate the GS concordance between diagnostic prostate biopsy and a radical prostatectomy specimen using a 16G or 18G needle to perform a transrectal extended (12 cores) prostate biopsy.
In particular, the email threading, near duplicate analysis and concept clustering capabilities of Polaris will save our customers a great deal of time and money by fully integrating this powerful tool into LAW PreDiscovery and Concordance Evolution.
Les discussions se sont deroulees dans un climat hautement positif comme elles ont ete marquees par une concordance de vues en ce qui concerne notamment la gestion de l'etape actuelle et des defis pour le gouvernement et la majorite.
Women's lower sexual concordance is not simply the result of their lower genital category-specificity--if women exhibit genital arousal to both preferred and non-preferred sexual stimuli, but only report sexual arousal in response to some sexual stimuli (e.
For autism, probandwise concordance rates for monozygotic twins were similar for 40 male pairs (58%) and 7 female pairs (60%), and were comparable with rates reported previously
I had no idea what it referred to either, so next time I went to Caernarfon I found myself in the library poring over a Biblical concordance.
Summary: Tunisian Patriotic and Democratic Labour Party (PTPDT) Constituent Committee Chairman Abderrazek Hammami pointed, at the end of his meeting, on Friday in Tunis, with Caretaker Prime Minister Beji CaE[macron]d Essebsi, to the concordance of views between his party and the Government on all political, economic and security issues in the country.
Patient age and gender were not significant predictors of concordance for patients from any racial group.
In a prospective cohort study designed to assess concordance of patient and physician priorities, Dr.