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In both Kenya and Ghana, data in health facility registers were incomplete and demonstrated low concordance with other data sources.
The concordance between civil-military elites and the separation of military from the political institutions are the "preconditions" for restricting the military from intervening in the civilian sphere.
Thus, it was observed that HD-I and HD-TT showed 100% clinicopathological concordance and on the other hand, concordance rate in HD-LL was 42.
Concordance for left anterior oblique projections was perfect between observers one and three and between observers two and three had perfect.
Table 3 displays concordance between CPs' and PwMCIs' awareness of memory-loss symptoms.
Regarding the poor efficiency of concordance-based activities, Hadley (2002) indicated that concordance samplers seemed better suited for students in European countries whose educational systems already stress authentic exposure to English.
After analyzing the diagnostic concordance, one psychiatrist reviewed interview records of all discrepant cases, in an attempt to identify why either the CIDI did not pick up significant psychopathology or why the psychiatrist did not confirm the CIDI diagnoses.
2) in Appendix B for the concordance, discordance, and non-ASD probability functions for identical twins predicted by the model fit to IAN data.
Our model demonstrates good predictive accuracy, with a concordance index of 0.
4] on GS concordance are based on 18G needles in combination with a biopsy gun, transrectal ultrasound guidance and the 12-core prostate biopsy template.
Determination of the HER2 amplification status by in situ fluorescent hybridization and concordance with immunohistochemistry for breast cancer samples in Colombia