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Interobserver concordance rates for the technique and quality of the films are shown in Table-I.
The main idea behind the use of concordances is that it emphasizes both deductive and inductive learnings (Koosha and Jafarpour 2006).
The median size for biopsy samples with and without grade concordance with resection was 0.
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Mahlberg (2005) develops the corpus-driven concordance analysis to incorporate a text-linguistic element and introduces the concept of .
These considerations lead to the conclusion that the latest volume of the Leopardi concordance comes as a precious philological resource to Leopardi scholars, but its critical apparatus (with a few typographical and editorial errors, mainly restricted to notes, pp.
A second edition of the concordance in 1758 made him famous and financially secure, and he stopped calling himself the Corrector.
As Barlow claims, "this professional concordance program is widely used in commercial and educational settings.
Tutorial: Concordances and Corpora Web-based introduction by Catherine Ball (Georgetown)
They attend to a flaw in earlier computer concordances and avoid indecipherable abbreviations of material.
There are some instances in which Coelho might have considered broadening his rule of only giving lute concordances.
Plans call for the compilation of two concordances per year by editors James A.