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Grade and pT Stage Concordance for Biopsies With Follow-Up Pathology
18), in which 2103 males were enrolled and which investigated concordances between apo B and various cholesterol indices, suggested that apo B is strongly correlated with LDL-C (r = 0.
0, a new addition to the existing quantitative text analysis software programs such as TACT, TEXTANT, and Wordsmith Tools, is a concordance software program for Windows 3.
This book offers concordances to the early thirteenth-century collections of saints' lives and associated writings that make up respectively the `Katherine Group' and the `Wooing Group'.
The Cytor project at the University of Lancaster showed interesting results in providing students access to concordances, which led to improvement in their categorization of part-of-speech distinctions.
This distortion of the material makes the search for concordances and cognates, especially in non-tablature sources, more time-consuming due to the lack of a clear visual distinction between pieces in triple meter.
Concordances have been used as a basis for stylistic analyses and even for studies of disputed authorship.
It's most gratifying for us to see the survey results reporting that law firm users are more satisfied with their experience with Concordance than with any other single e-discovery software product," said Jeff Lipsman, founder of Dataflight Software(R) and creator of Concordance.
Currently he is producing a series of concordances for The Piazza Tales, a collection of short stories Melville assembled from those he had published over the previous decade.
However, new numbering systems require concordances with older ones already in use.
In this respect it is superior to all other Greek concordances presently available, whether in print form or as computer databases.
in context, or KWIC, concordances are incomplete sentences), the learner