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In regard to implementing the concordant points on the ground, al-Jaafari underlined that the Russians have issued these points as an official document of the Foreign Ministry and to become public and available for everybody.
7 concordant Education Combined variables variables Perceived -- -1.
Using a sample of 2,148 individuals nested within 1,074 friendship dyads, the current study first attempts to determine if friends concordant in their drug use perceive their relationship to be of higher quality than those in relationships characterized by discordant substance use.
Concordant results of MTT, CBE plus ultrasonography, and CBE plus FNAC had sensitivity, specificity, PPV and NPV of 100% (Table 1).
Since then, the diagnostic category of PE has been broadened, and the advent of CT pulmonary angiography has yielded nearly a doubling of the incidence of the disease, without a concordant decrease in mortality.
We classified cases as concordant (Bact+/ICD10+) or discordant (Bact+/ICD10- or Bact-/ICD10+).
One study, in terminally ill patients who agreed to undergo brain autopsy, indicated strong concordance between flutemetamol PET images and Alzheimer's disease-associated beta amyloid brain pathology, while the other study, in young healthy volunteers under the age of 40, had results concordant with the known lack of brain amyloid in this population.
Furthermore, concordant presence of DNA and antibodies to the same beta HPV type is associated with increased risk for SCC skin cancer.