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Hyperlipidemia was the most common (80 percent), thrombosis and embolism the least common (0.1 percent), and 6 percent had no concordant comorbidities.
After adjusting for poverty level, maternal age, race/ethnicity, and whether the mother was born outside the US, the odds of never breastfeeding and breastfeeding less than six months were 148% and 80% higher among couples with a concordant unintended pregnancy (father - mother -) compared to couples with a concordant intended pregnancy.
To the best of our knowledge, there have been no previously reported cases of dizygotic twins concordant for both CHD and DS.
"For example, the question percentage for hypertension was judged to be concordant because it was similar to hospital stay percentage (1.91% vs.
The proportion of CHD subtypes comprising the primary endpoint was similar across the discordant and concordant groups.
One in five results were not concordant. As seen in the table below, 13 patients with documented evidence of regional or distant metastasis were predicted as low risk (survival risk above 79%) by the AJCC clinical staging system but high risk (Class 2) by DecisionDx-Melanoma.
36 monozygotic twin pairs entered the study: 6 concordant pairs (N = 12 for the concordant affected group) with both twins affected by schizophrenia/schizoaffective disorder, 11 discordant pairs where only one twin was affected by schizophrenia/schizoaffective disorder (therefore, N = 11 for each of the affected and unaffected discordant groups), and 19 concordant control pairs (N = 38 for the concordant healthy group) where both twins were psychiatrically healthy.
"Whenever we reach common denominators about an item we resume the other concordant points until reaching a detailed road map," he said.
Twin pairs were distributed into discordant (10 girls and 8 boys aged 13.9 [+ or -] 2.2 years old) and concordant (38 girls and 20 boys aged 14.2 [+ or -] 2.1 years old) for V[O.sub.2]max, and within each group, cotwins were divided into high and low V[O.sub.2]max.
Nonetheless, the authors conclude that determining unmet need solely on the basis of women's reports overestimates concordant unmet need among couples.
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