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career counselling, career education classes, the provision of quality career information) have a useful impact upon students' experiences and outcomes of education-primary, secondary and tertiary--then we should ask: what can be done to optimise the application of career development interventions in educational settings to concordantly enhance experiences and outcomes?
1309, in the same volume) he than describes concordantly the "three universally acceptable axioms: the major axiom of the existence of purposive human action; and the minor postulates, or axioms, of the diversity of human skills and natural resources, and the disutility of labor.
Some argue that this inability to distinguish among patient groups governed by different legal regimes may lead physicians to practice concordantly with state laws regardless of patients" insurance plans (Liu, Dow, and Norton 2004).
Concordantly, the use of the term "Negative" as the only interpretive statement is strongly discouraged, because it implies that interpretations can always be rendered as a binary result (negative or positive).
Concordantly, the need for research in this population of patients should be considered because they pose specific challenges--they are often severely ill, some with conditions in critical need of research.
It is broadly speaking like the grammatical form of the third person, the impersonal 'he' or 'she" with its concordantly inflected verb" (italics added).
4% of cases, patients were concordantly classified according to dichotomy white/nonwhite).
Using multiple assay techniques, including hemagglutination inhibition, microneutralization, and single radial hemolysis assays, as well as confirmatory Western blot analysis, the investigators found no evidence of seroactivity in the individuals exposed to the H7N1 virus, while 7 of the 185 samples from the H7N3-exposed group were "clearly and concordantly reactive, showing evidence of infection with or exposure to H7 viruses.
On July 24 August Koem, the Estonian representative in Copenhagen, submitted a protest note to the Danish Foreign Minister, Erik Scavenius, (124) concordantly with similar action of Estonian legation in Stockholm.
Contacts with stratigraphic units in the area are generally not exposed, but field relationships suggest that the Lobster Brook Formation is concordantly overlain by Latest Neoproterozoic to Early Cambrian felsic and minor mafic volcanic and sedimentary rocks of the Beulah Camp Formation, which are in turn overlain by Early Cambrian sedimentary rocks of the Saint John Group (Johnson 2001a, b).
Concordantly, analyses of the small-mammal data yielded the same three groups of transects.
Concordantly, Victorian illustrations of Poe's poems, especially "The Raven," frequently show a stage set with the speaker of the poem--the narrative first person--gesturing and "elocutionizing" (another Poe word-creation, q.