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All 3 chemicals were classified concordantly in the laboratories.
And finally, after thinning the orchestral texture throughout, it was agreed that Wittgenstein would not participate at all in the sounding of the F sharp major "Wallfahrt" statement, and concordantly, the twenty-eight measure rests are deleted from all orchestral parts and the original instrumentation reinstated.
Together, these views enable a reading of the bear, and, by extension, the wide wilderness, as both the transcendental signal of a metacultural transhistorical Nature that exists untouched by the advancing tide of human progress, as well as a compensatory expression of black pain that Faulkner establishes concordantly with the novel's repeated demonstration of the limitations of the white imagination to engage--or even--perceive the punctual and non-punctual traumas experienced by the novel's black subjects.
Concordantly, other researchers have followed (Derryberry & Thoma, 2000; Pascarella & Terenzini, 1991).
Concordantly, the percent of survey totals at Redoubt and Tuxedni Bays rose from 0% on 21 December 1998 to 99.
As the intensity of exercises increases, number of coronary events decreases concordantly.
30) Concordantly, the National Baseball Hall of Fame attests that the blue color of the Knickerbockers pants resembled the color schemes of other "well-established, manly organizations such as fire departments and volunteer military companies" and thus maintained a separation from the lower classes.
As more and more metal was required to ensure the safety of employing the piece, concordantly the weight of the piece increased and thus made it more challenging to deploy as well.
simultaneously and concordantly designate the same conduct permissible
Concordantly, we have attempted to give equal play to all
Concordantly, the 12 questions finally included in the standardized version of the Early Vocalizations Scale are the ones for which parents were most reliable: parent-observer agreement > 85%, (M = 89.
11) Conflicts between competing smuggling networks proliferated concordantly, fueling both intra- and inter-community tensions.