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The Crisis Care Concordat sets clear expectations around the standard of crisis care people should be able to expect and it is a huge step forward that every local area has signed their commitment.
13) France established ties with Rome in 1530, only to be broken with the French Revolution and re-established by the aforementioned concordat of 1801.
Under the concordat, the Government will demand that anyone in a mental health crisis is assessed within 30 minutes.
Led by the Royal Academy of Engineering, the Concordat is a voluntary commitment by professional engineering institutions to take action to attract, recruit and retain people from increasingly diverse backgrounds into professional membership and registration.
Professor Dame Wendy Hall, chair of the Engineering Diversity Concordat said: "The ultimate goal of the concordat is to ensure our profession and its institutions continue to thrive both now and in the future.
The concordat with Germany was signed by Pope Pius XI.
Another gain of the concordat for which the minister Talleyrand fought was that all churches and chapels that had been closed by the state, went again to the French clergy service.
Or, for a formal agreement to ensure the libertas Ecclesiae, we refer to the Concordat of Worms (1122), which in the Middle Ages ended the Investiture Controversy, freeing the Church from the power of the Princes.
Moreover, he writes that the concordat was Hitler's first agreement under international law.
Provisions of the concordat -known as the Lateran Treaty - were incorporated into the 1947 constitution.
The concordat between the Holy See and Romania is a legal document accessible to anyone wishing to read it.
The concordat sets out a framework for agreement between the promoters of the proposition, the city's Image Working Group, and companies and organisations that agree to promote and use the Be Inventive proposition in their own business.