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This proposal, too, was rejected, (78) presumably on account of the explanation given by some commentators of the corresponding canon in the 1917 Code, namely that the second part was not superfluous as it specified that the preservation of the effects of the concordat applied only to those concordats that were still in force and for those privileges that had not already ceased.
While this country has the largest Catholic population in the world, even these citizens are concerned that such a Concordat would threaten the separation of Church and State and therefore they oppose the bill, according to an opinion poll carried out by the local NGO Catolicas pelo Direito de Decidir (Catholics for the Right to Decide).
19) These articles were the methodology through which the Concordat was put in practice.
Provisions of the concordat -known as the Lateran Treaty - were incorporated into the 1947 constitution.
Like his predecessor Pius XI, Pius XII relied too heavily on concordats, agreements between the Holy See and a government that guaranteed the rights of the church and its members, but did not give the church rights to intervene in the treatment of non-Catholics, as the German church would discover in regard to Jews.
Yet Cardinal Pacelli justified the concordat on the grounds that he had to face the reality of the Nazi regime and gain diplomatic leverage with a signed document, for if the German government violated the concordat, Ivone reported, then "the Vatican would have at least a treaty on which to base a protest.
Professor Dame Wendy Hall DBE FREng FRS, Chair of the Engineering Diversity Concordat said: The ultimate goal of the concordat is to ensure our profession and its institutions continue to thrive both now and in the future.
Architect of the agreements with Bavaria (1924) and Prussia (1929) that opened the way to the concordat between the Holy See and the Third Reich (1933), Pacelli remained tied to a "conciliatory" vision, convinced that there was no viable alternative to the imposition of and respect for the rules of the concordat and public silence in the face of oppression.
Hitler had urgent reasons: he wanted to avoid another Kulturkampf; Pacelli, who had pursued such a concordat since 1917 unsuccessfully, wanted the 1917 Code of Canon Law, the modernizing instrument of Church centralization, imposed on Germany--a rich, educated, and recalcitrant local Church.
King 'Abdullah's goal is to bring about a lasting inter-faith concordat.
Other organisations signing the concordat include the British Chambers of Commerce, BT, Transport for London, RAC Foundation, Association for Commuter Transport, Scope, Technology Means Business, and Henley Management.
Other than the Constitution, the two most important documents relating to religious freedom are the 2001 Religious Freedom Act and the 1940 Concordat with the Holy See.