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All were mounted upon the small domestic bull thoats of the red Martians, and their trappings and ornamentation bore such a quantity of gorgeously colored feathers that I could not but be struck with the startling resemblance the concourse bore to a band of the red Indians of my own Earth.
On arriving at the Rue Saint Denis, the friends found a vast concourse of people.
There he beheld an immense concourse of people, filling all the street and rolling onward to his house.
Thereon the son of Peleus, when he had listened to all the thanks of Nestor, went about among the concourse of the Achaeans, and presently offered prizes for skill in the painful art of boxing.
D'Artagnan called Raoul's attention to this concourse, adding: "The fellow will have no excuse for not paying his rent.
The grand difficulty results from the invariably mistaken principles on which the deputy marshals seek to arrange this immense concourse of people, so much more numerous than those that train their interminable length through streets and highways in times of political excitement.
In place of these things was only a soundless gloom, more dreadful, more disheartening, more soul- killing than any concourse of sounds, no matter how full of fear and dread.
When we arrived at the hall we found a much greater concourse than I had expected.
Here the crowd, like a concourse of imprisoned demons, turns back, yelling, and is seen no more.
A slave rushed into the dining hall to cry that a great concourse of people was swarming through the palace gates.
As I entered, silence fell upon the great concourse of people that packed the auditorium.
As the day was splendid, however, and the concourse of vehicles, walkers, and loungers numerous, the young Americans found their progress much delayed.