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Just the same is done by a concourse of people, allowing those who do not take a direct part in the activity to devise considerations, justifications, and surmises concerning their collective activity.
A vast concourse of people heard the oath, and shouted when it was taken.
All were mounted upon the small domestic bull thoats of the red Martians, and their trappings and ornamentation bore such a quantity of gorgeously colored feathers that I could not but be struck with the startling resemblance the concourse bore to a band of the red Indians of my own Earth.
They are very silent," said Good; and indeed the intense stillness among such a vast concourse of living men was almost overpowering.
I shall not trouble the reader with the difficulties I was under, by the help of certain paddles, which cost me ten days making, to get my boat to the royal port of Blefuscu, where a mighty concourse of people appeared upon my arrival, full of wonder at the sight of so prodigious a vessel.
In place of these things was only a soundless gloom, more dreadful, more disheartening, more soul- killing than any concourse of sounds, no matter how full of fear and dread.
The new lane is temporary as a new checkpoint is expected to open later this fall that will enable travelers to access all gates in Concourses D and E.
What's wonderful about this is that the concourse is around a central atrium, as opposed to being a long linear structure, which the other concourses are," says Al Sibai.
Dubai International currently consists of three terminals (Terminals 1, 2 and 3) that are used for passenger drop-off, check-in, immigration and security clearance - and three concourses (Concourses 1, 2 and 3) that house boarding gates, airline lounges and the majority of duty free retail and food and beverage outlets.
Wi-Fi became available in Concourses A/B and A on 18 December 2006 and in Concourse B and the Observation Gallery on 5 January 2007.
The Central Concourse is part of a $500 million expansion and renovation plan underway at HOU that includes an 806,000ft2 36-gate terminal complex to replace the existing A, B and C concourses.
Elevated 7m above ground level on an embankment, the building has two separate parts housing departures and arrivals connected by a subway underneath the tracks (as opposed to the single concourses of Valence and Aix-en-Provence).