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That is, understanding involves a process of growing together; a concrescence marked by com-prehension and co-naissance.
This process conceptualization of theodicy is premised on the assertion that God is made manifest in the invitation to concrescence.
As illustrated below, Whitehead's Categorical Logic traces the process of concrescence in terms of a detailed series of stages and phases.
God, too, is an actual entity, the concrescence of all acts of experiencing (prehending) into one everlasting act of experiencing ("God's Consequent Nature"), and it is God's conceptual prehensions of eternal objects that serve as lures (providing "subjective aims" for finite actual occasions) and form the basis of order ("God's Primordial Nature") in the cosmos.
True concrescence occurs when this union is during tooth development and may result from a lack of space or dislocation of tooth germs.
And yet, there is something about this peculiar object, this concrescence of form, texture, and light, which seems to exceed the familiar elements from which it was composed.
Thus, the Taoist teaching of cultivating egoless selfhood aims to free a person from the four great hindrances of preconceptions, predeterminations, obduracy and egoism stipulated by Confucius in order to bring out what is hidden within the self to activate the process of concrescence or unity within multiplicity (Chang, 1963).
It lies in the nature of things that the many occasions of the past must be felt such that they will be compatible for entering into complex unity, that there are processes of concrescence and that they must have an outcome.
The concrescence of the many acts of prehending into the one actual entity, which is an experience of the entire universe as actual and possible from that unique place in space-time, gives rise in Whitehead to two types for process.
The process of prehension, Parisi continues, is a process of determination, what Whitehead calls the process of concrescence.
The subject of experience expires once it has completed its process of concrescence.
Only the activation of the togetherness between genetic and coordinate analyses, concrescence and transition, existence and being, becoming and perishing, actuality and potentiality, subjectivity and objectivity, present and past, qualities and quantities, makes us truly Whiteheadian .