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ANCHOR. A measure containing ten gallons. Lex, Mereatoria.

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After a shotcrete leveling pad had cured for at least 12 hours, the contractor used an excavator to carry a concrete anchor block up the mountain from the staging area and placed it on its shotcrete pad.
Nine of the 36-inch wide by 9-foot deep street light concrete anchors needed to be removed and re-poured to the correct elevation.
In the short term, stabilisation work will involve concrete anchor blocks and an archaeological dig must take place before work starts.
Core activities include: field joint coating, heat treatment and other associated onsite contracting services; pipeline equipment supply; automatic welding equipment and services; pipeline rehabilitation equipment and services; pipe coating plant equipment; lay barge equipment; and site-applied concrete anchor systems for onshore swamp pipelines.
Just as with any concrete anchor, you still have to drill a hole in the concrete.
concrete anchor, 36" , aggregate and geotextiles for underdrains, manhole, inlet, construction sign, approx 665 lf of 2" pvc conduit, light pole , decorative, luminaire , roadway, led, multiple compression fitting (waterproofed & non-waterproofed), pavement message marking.
If it does, simply cut off the anchor bolt flush with the slab and install a drive-in-type concrete anchor after the wall is positioned.
Tenders are invited for harbor basin dredging; steel pile supported wave barrier, moorage pile replacement, upland parking area; dredging within existing inner harbor (additive a), sacrificial pile anodes (additive b) and wave barrier extension and additional basin dredging (additive c), erosion and sediment control, demolition, salvage and disposal, approx 8,690 cy of class a shot rock borrow, remove and reinstall navigation aid structure on breakwater; 625 lf of furnish and install 16" dia hdpe waste water outfall pipe, 170 ea of furnish and install wastewater outfall concrete anchor 170 lf of 12" cpp storm drain pipe, see attached file.
3 water line, 14 ea HDPE concrete anchor, 450 LF 16" steel casing (bore & jack), 430 LF 16" steel casing (open cut) , 185 LF 12" steel casing (bore & jack) , 390 LF 12" steel casing (open cut), 30 LF 8" steel casing (bore & jack), 115 LF 8" steel casing (open cut), 150 LF 4" steel casing (open cut), 23 ea 8" M.
If you have stucco or brick, you'll need a concrete anchor to accept the screw (see "The Best Concrete Fastener for the Job," Jan.
Limited Tenders are invited for 1)Chemical Concrete Anchor Fastener M16x125 Mm Anchoring Depth Along With Resin/Adhesive Capsule, Setting Tool Etc.