concrete expression

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But the excitement of cutting out the Arangi had been communicated to his addled brain, and, with vague reminiscent flashes of the strength of life triumphant, he shared deliriously in this triumph of Somo by applying himself to the curing of the head that was in itself the concrete expression of triumph.
Pope Francis said: "The Church's maternal vocation to the needy and to the sick has found concrete expression throughout the 2,000 years of her history in an impressive series of initiatives on behalf of the sick.
This choice also reflects the relevance of the national immigration and asylum policy launched in 2013, which is both "humanistic, global, respectful of human rights, and concerned with the implementation of shared responsibility and renewed multilateral cooperation, he said, noting that this "choice finally gives concrete expression to the desire to promote a calm and peaceful debate, which does not present migration as a threat to tame, or a challenge to take up, but as an opportunity to seize.
It was a concrete expression of how the company values its employees.
The exchange of such visits and interactions, he said, were a concrete expression of both the countries to fortify the defence relations.
It is true that in 2011, violations were recorded in Tunisian prisons and even cases of torture, which is not the case now," he said, pointing out that the new Constitution and the establishment of constitutional bodies are a concrete expression of the progress made in the field of human rights.
In the wake of natural disasters, the EU Solidarity Fund is a concrete expression of European solidarity," Commissioner for Regional Policy Corina Cretu said.
As a concrete expression of its mission, the department currently offers a bachelor's degree program in African American Studies, a minor in African American Studies, a graduate certificate in African American Studies and an undergraduate certificate in African Studies.
Along with Masdar and the International Renewable Energy Agency (Irena), the Solar Impulse partnership is a concrete expression of our robust commitment to sustainable development.
The center will be a concrete expression of our cooperation, and framework of our activities," said Stoltenberg.
Perhaps the most concrete expression of this can be seen reflected in the contributions made by the pro-Kurdish Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) to the constitution drafting committee; of course, very few people even remember either the committee or the contributions anymore.
That belief can now be given more concrete expression in the light of a comprehensive win for the Jim Bolger-trained colt in the Group 3 Round Tower Stakes at the Curragh only eight days later.