concrete expression

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But the excitement of cutting out the Arangi had been communicated to his addled brain, and, with vague reminiscent flashes of the strength of life triumphant, he shared deliriously in this triumph of Somo by applying himself to the curing of the head that was in itself the concrete expression of triumph.
Tan said it is the policy of the State to uphold the people's constitutional right to life by addressing the root causes of vulnerabilities to disasters, strengthening the country's institutional capacity for building the resilience of local communities to disasters including climate change impacts, and adhere to and adopt the universal norms, principles and standards of humanitarian assistance as concrete expression of the country's commitment to overcome human sufferings due to recurring disasters.
The investment is the most concrete expression of our belief and commitment to the viability of solar PV technology.
They quite literally give concrete expression to the growing optimism, confidence and hope for the future that exists within our society today.
Like the new high school, which also opened this year, the hospital is a concrete expression of confidence in the future.
28, 1999) as a concrete expression of their resolve to further deepen and broaden regional cooperation.
Gospel spirituality inspires concrete expression in good news for the poor in line with Luke 4, Isaiah 58 and Leviticus 25.
These investments, by both new and existing investors, are a concrete expression of confidence in the future of NextWave Wireless," said Allen Salmasi, Chairman and CEO of NextWave Wireless.
A concrete expression of this should be the EaP Vilnius summit in November with the possible signature of the EU Association Agreement with Ukraine and initialing Association Agreements with Georgia and Republic of Moldova.
It's a concrete expression of our recovery and the continuing renaissance of our cultural tourism economy.
All across the country, plans are being made to bring pensioners and ordinary workers to this demonstration in a concrete expression of mass solidarity against such an acutely unfair tax.
It is an act to give concrete expression to our unity and forgiveness in Christ.