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Once the results come we will be able to concretely tell whether it is a case of hanging," he said.
It is difficult to predict concretely when the six-party talks will be reconvened,'' Yu told a regular press briefing.
We need to think concretely on how we can join hands to put in place an international cooperative mechanism for technology transfer.
They said that attention will have to be focussed concretely on measures for providing relief to people and coordinated steps will have to be taken to provide support to national economy in the present international inflationary environment and far reaching and lasting policies will have to be pursued.
Less concretely, but in an equally ambitious manner, Dell promises to "strive" for 100% use of renewable power in its operations.
Taken as a whole, the 11 recommendations call for increasing investments in effective programs and funding streams that concretely help children, youth and families thrive; strengthening and modernizing the nation's safety net; and building supportive pathways for low-income youths and adults to good jobs that sustain families and communities.
As kids get older, and parents want to concretely demonstrate how investing pays off, it might help to set up an account on ShareBuilder.
Among other things, the 11 chapters explain that young children think both concretely and abstractly, a notion largely ignored in current curricula, and that students' implicit pre-schooling knowledge of the natural world plays a critical role in their science learning.
It is a book equally filled with anti-racist insights and undeveloped generalizations but with enough of the former to repay reading, particularly, for example, in conjunction with a book such as the Rutherford and Pickles collection mentioned above that deals more concretely with collisions of the perspectives of colonial and colonized women.
Something is wrong, and perhaps it can be measured concretely in a lack of vocations or in fallen Mass attendance.
The three different versions of Monk images presented by each of the three films reveals how difficult it is to represent concretely and exactly a prominent African American (male) artist.
With its mix of Class A retail shopping and restaurants as well as luxury residential offerings, Union Square has concretely established itself as a premier residential and commercial neighborhood," comments Forrest.