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He hoped that the efforts will lead to a meeting at the highest level and concretely open a new chapter in ties between Sudan and Chad.
If Dell fails to respond to this directive properly and concretely, then the [Taiwan government] will consider seeking legal alternatives," the statement says.
administration,) but I suppose Prime Minister Aso is willing to concretely move forward the six-party talks together with the Obama administration.
Taken as a whole, the 11 recommendations call for increasing investments in effective programs and funding streams that concretely help children, youth and families thrive; strengthening and modernizing the nation's safety net; and building supportive pathways for low-income youths and adults to good jobs that sustain families and communities.
As kids get older, and parents want to concretely demonstrate how investing pays off, it might help to set up an account on ShareBuilder.
Theirs concretely in scent-colors and beasts, the same
It is a book equally filled with anti-racist insights and undeveloped generalizations but with enough of the former to repay reading, particularly, for example, in conjunction with a book such as the Rutherford and Pickles collection mentioned above that deals more concretely with collisions of the perspectives of colonial and colonized women.
Something is wrong, and perhaps it can be measured concretely in a lack of vocations or in fallen Mass attendance.
The three different versions of Monk images presented by each of the three films reveals how difficult it is to represent concretely and exactly a prominent African American (male) artist.
Elections, he says, are just part of the picture; other key components, which ideally are in place before elections, include a fair justice system, law and order, and an accountable government--things that affect citizens' lives concretely and ease them into democracy.
With its mix of Class A retail shopping and restaurants as well as luxury residential offerings, Union Square has concretely established itself as a premier residential and commercial neighborhood," comments Forrest.
It was all the more impressive, then, when this mysterious functionary took the podium on the first day to fulminate against Hegel, asserting that art is not "a leisure activity that allows us to forget the grim activity of thinking" but is "thought itself--the way that Truth concretely manifests itself in images.